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Twenty One Questions: Tarot Spreads…

Posted on 5/15/2015 at 6:06:20 PM

“Good morning, Gypsy! I have a question that I hope you will be able to help me with. It’s about tarot spreads. I am so confused! I have read books and watched other readers, all to no avail. Spreads leave me feeling bewildered in that I have a hard time trying to keep all the designations and positions straight in my mind. It turns tarot reading from being fun into being a major pain in my backside. Help!” ~ Terri A.

Seriously, I know exactly how you feel. Early on in the beginning of my Tarot journeys, I too felt a bit overwhelmed about spreads. It seemed that everyone had their own way of laying out the cards, adding to that the impression – sometimes quite aggressively, I might add! – that their way was the only way to do it, leaving me feeling more than a little. Then it dawned on me. Tarot doesn’t have to be defined by someone else’s rules. In fact, the whole function of the Tarot is as a tool to access higher realms of consciousness and communication with the world of Spirit and Higher Self. What difference does it make how one gets there. And so it goes. It was in those early days that I discovered that I was the master of my own Tarot ship and the Captain of that journey. So, I decided to invent my own spreads…ones that made the most sense to me, ones that resonated with my own psyche, ones that helped me to achieve the best and most efficient way of communication with the places and beings that I needed to engage in the best interests of my clients as well as myself. And the rest is history…

My advice to you is to play with the way you lay out the cards in such a way as has the most meaning for you. It could involve numbers of cards pulled, the shape of the spread, or even the style of what I call “winging it”…that is, letting Spirit suggest the ways and means of the way you lay out the images before you. Let Spirit move you. I do a mixture of both. When reading for clients, I normally use a set formula for spreads in order to keep it fair among all my clientele so that everyone receives the same type of spread energy. But once in a while, Spirit will suggest a deviation from the norm to achieve better results in any particular situation or reading. I am always open to Spirit for such proddings and follow in kind. (After all, the first rule of the psychic arts is to never second guess yourself or Spirit.) And then during almost all of my own personal self readings, I let Spirit guide me as to the type of spread I use on any given day. It all just depends on what They feel is right for me on that day, at that moment. Getting to this place with Spirit, of course, takes practice and time, so be patient with Spirit and yourself while walking the path in this way.

Bottom line is this: go with what you feel is right. If certain traditional spreads resonate with you more or the discipline of using pre-made spreads gives you more control or a greater sense of accomplishment in your reading, or better results for you and your client over all, then most definitely go with those. If, on the other hand, you feel confused or tied down by a divinitory dogma that doesn’t seem to jibe or suit your style or purpose, then by all means let those creative juices flow! The rule here is this…there just ain’t no rules when it comes to Tarot spreads. Your question is a viable one, to be sure. Hope this helps. 🙂

Tarot Spreads...

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