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Twenty One Questions: Mediumship Part Too…

Posted on 4/3/2015 at 12:00:37 AM

In reference to the preceding question, are you saying that if one is not born with the gift of mediumship that the average shmoe cannot communicate with the dead? Is it hopeless?

…Diane I.

That isn’t what I mean at all. Just because someone cannot see or hear the dead does not mean that the dead cannot see or hear you. Communication from them to us is not the whole point in most cases. Anyone can open up the channel between ourselves and the spirit world. When you expect some sort of compensation in the form of a condition when talking to the deceased, then it becomes a situation where the living is wanting some sort of gratification. This is where a lot of folks become disillusioned, disappointed and bored with the whole thing. And why is this? Could it be that they want to connect with the dead for some sort of entertainment or to make themselves feel important? Motive in this type of endeavor is very important. So, if one sets out from the very beginning with no expectations except for to put their departed loved on at ease, then success will be much more likely than if one does it just for the thrill of it all.

The deceased really like to be remembered. They love sacred spaces set up in our private places so as to have a zone of their own to settle their energy within your own space. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. The usual items to be found in an ancestral sacred space is usually a photo or likeness of the person who has transitioned, a candle and a place for an offering, such as a plate for favourite foods, a vase for flowers or a spot for trinkets that they liked in life. Think shells, rocks, books, keepsakes and the like. Depending on each one’s religious leanings…both the person on this side putting together the space and the decease’s  preferences…religious items can be added as well. The sky is the limit and there really is no hard rules when putting together an ancestral space. Just use common sense and work from the heart.

Whispers, prayers, conversations, regards, notes and letters…they all matter to the dead. There was a philosophy between my kin that went like this… “Whenever we mention the name of a departed loved one that person knows they are remembered and can actually feel the sentiment behind the memory.”   So, do not be shy about it. In ancient times, the deceased were embalmed and kept with their families for a very long time and treated as if they were still alive and contributing to the family in a very real physical way. (Yeah…that had to be very weird, huh?) We actually don’t have to go that far to include them. Just give them a little space where they can “live” within your space and you will have their ear and access to them in a very real way whenever the “spirit” moves.

I guess what it boils down to is motive. What are the reasons one wants to communicate with the dearly departed? If it is ego centered and for their own personal gratification, one should look elsewhere for such kinds of entertainment. But if someone is sincere in wanting to put the dead at ease, help them to transition in a smooth and peaceful way, and honour them in the best way possible, they should try not to focus on proof or physical results, but instead concentrate on helping the dead in a most giving and unselfish manner. That is when we may finally notice a sign…a supernatural signal…that can only be earned by sincere love and wanting to serve the departed in a pure and honourable way. Because that is the key to mediumship in the first place…a pure and open heart filled with love and giving in a most unselfish and charitable manner.


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