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The Skelton Boys Case…

Posted on 6/16/2011 at 5:23:24 PM

The Missing Skelton Boys

The Missing Skelton Boys...

For anyone who watches the news and pays particular attention to cases of missing kids, if only to be informed and to keep a look out for them no matter where they disappeared in relation to where we are located, this case will particularly stand out. For anyone who is not familiar with this case, you can get up to speed HERE.  

In a nutshell, a father, one John Skelton of Morenci, Michigan, took his three boys –  Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7, and Tanner Skelton, 5 – for Thanksgiving holiday 2010. Their mother, Tanya, expected them to be returned after the pre-arranged visit. This was not to come about. John Skelton never returned them. After Tanya alerted the authorities, it was discovered that John Skelton had “attempted” a suicide by hanging, and so passed the boys, he says, off to a third party so that they would not be exposed to the suicide of their father with instructions to return the boys to their mom. This third party consequently turns out not to even exist (shadows of the Caylee Anthony case…). Having fumbled the so-called suicide attempt, he is now in custody facing charges of kidnapping and contempt of court for not returning the kids. (I am of the mind that this so-called suicide attempt was a staged event to throw the authorities off of the boys and to gain attention by a sociopathic/psychopathic father). Tanya and her husband have been going through a divorce and custody battle over the kids since September of 2010, when he took the kids out of state to Florida. Their divorce was finalized February 2011.

The big question that is on the lips of everyone is: where are these precious boys?

Mr. Skelton has since revised his story, stating that he handed over the kids to a “private child protection agency” which he conveniently cannot remember the name of nor the names of the persons who allegedly took possession of his kids. His reason for passing the kids to strangers was for “their protection” from their mother, his soon-to-be ex-wife.  Subsequently, upon further investigation, it has been discovered that no such agency exists. Authorities, as of this writing, have now shifted this case to a murder investigation. John Skelton’s bond is set at $30 million. To this date, no word nor sighting of the boys has come forward from anywhere in the country. Their poor mother is devastated. My prayers go out to her and the families.

This case hits home because of the fact that this tragedy takes place in my home state of Michigan. What stands out is that it involves not one child but three. Three precious and innocent kids.

Immediately upon hearing of this case, I started the process of reaching out to see what sort of impressions I could receive on the kids. I had many questions. Where are they? Are they still with us in the living? Or have they transitioned on to the Other Side? If they were now deceased, how were they killed and where are their little bodies now? Gruesome stuff, I know. But the mother and grandmother chord in me had been resoundingly struck, the images and little voices of those little boys were echoing through the long halls of my psyche, trying to get my attention desperately. I couldn’t ignore it. So I began to prepare to dig a little deeper psychically.

Activity came immediately in the form of a dream the very night that I resolved to myself to dig deeper. I was visited by the three little boys. I was sitting in a huge old fashioned wing backed chair in an old house that I had never seen before. The chair was red and threadbare. The boys were huddled in a corner by the door behind me and the chair…hiding, shivering and scared. They were naked all except their little undies, once white but now dirty. Their sad and frightened little faces shown in the dim corner, pale moons of their former selves. The littlest one came up and climbed into my lap for comfort. I folded my arms around the poor little thing as he shivered. His little body was so cold. A deep and sudden saddness came over me and this is when I knew what had happened. The little guy clung to me for dear life and I tried to get the other two to come over for comfort but they just huddled there, staringback at me through hollow eyes.

I awoke suddenly, stunned.

Example of the old dirt road...

Example of the old dirt road...

Reaching out psychically, I asked Where are you, guys? Answers to my questions began to come. I could see in my mind an old dirt road surrounded by trees. I say “old” because this isn’t a newly developed area where there are new homes or a recently active spot of housing activity. The land and area ground surface is very sandy. This area is close to water or in a sandy geographic location indicitive to close proximity to water. The trees on the side of the road are mostly pine trees, with a few leafy trees here and there, but mostly those very tall pines that one sees out in the rural landscape of michigan. The boys are passed. And I see them buried or in water, but I am being nagged by the idea of a well or deep pit or other in-ground hiding spot for these boys. They don’t have on many clothes. And taking into consoderation the time of the year this event took place, the thought of them not having their coats or boots or any outer wear on is very disturbing to me. Manner of death is not clear to me, but I get a very disturbing feeling when regarding these little souls, and that is of extreme cold. I get the impression that he may have either tossed them into a cold body of water, or  left them to succumb to the elements. Terrible to think of, this feeling haunts me every single day right up to this present moment as I write this blog. Hence, I share it in an effort to help.

Law enforcement needs to look in a very rural remote area where there is a big long stand of pines, a sandy road and the possibility of some sort of old mill ponds, old wells where old homesteads stand abandoned or used to stand, sandy patches of vacant land where the ground would be soft that time of year and optimum for quick and secret burial without a lot of effort. I think if everyone in the Morenci and northern Ohio area close to John Skelton’s former residence would just check out all of their rural land, there may be answers out there. In the meantime, let’s hope that this monster decides to confess his crime and give the family and the souls of these little guys some closure and peace.

*UPDATE ~ 7-12-11:* Here is a link to the local Grand Rapids, Michigan News Channel WOOD-TV 8 where they have stepped up their activity where looking for these boys is concerned. Please check it out! And let’s keep them and their families close in prayer for healing, for closure and for finding these precious little guys! ~L.

*UPDATE ~ 7-20-11:* Keeping this case alive – dated May 11, 2011:

 Please! If you own property around the Morenci Michigan/Ohio area, please do a search of your property to make sure these boys are not there. If you have any tips or information, please contact you rlocal law enforcement agency. ~L.

 Watch this blog for updates as they become available…

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18 Responses to “The Skelton Boys Case…”

  1. Maize Says:

    It is a terrible thing what is happening to children these days. We all need all the help we can get to fight the war on women and children in this world. Thank you for sharing your impressions.

  2. Leslie Says:

    You are so right, Maise! Everyone has to watch out for each other and stay informed. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and let’s stay on top of the War on Women and Children!

  3. Leslie Says:

    You are so right, Maise! We all need to take care of each other! Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

  4. NANCY Says:

    I say a body of water. I had a dream not long after it happen seeing the older ones watching the little one go first and the little one was scratching his father’s neck trying to hang on for dear life.

    They were naked in my dream. And yes, there was cold, very cold, but it was water.


  5. NANCY Says:

    I kept trying to see scratches on Skelton’s neck in the court videos, but I could not tell. Could this be the reason that he supposedly tried to hang himself? A reason for marks on his neck?

  6. Leslie Says:

    Yes! definitely water! I didn’t see scratches in my visions, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t there. I hope this poor family gets some closure soon. Especially the poor mom! 🙁

    Thank you so much for sharing, Nancy!

  7. Amber Says:

    Wow ladies, your stories make me extremely sad. I’m still hoping that they are found alive. I google search them often, and I am always optimistic for a happy ending. 3 baby boys.

  8. Leslie Says:

    Yes, Amber…it is a sad thing and it hurts my heart too. I just can’t help but try to keep these little angels out front and on the minds of the community and in the hearts of all. Until these little guys are found, we should always lift them up in our hearts…

    Thank you so much for your input and comment! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  9. Leslie Says:

    *UPDATE:* Here is a link to the local Grand Rapids, Michigan News Channel WOOD-TV 8 where they have stepped up their activity where looking for these boys is concerned. Please check it out! And let’s keep them and their families close in prayer for healing, for closure and for finding these precious little guys! ~L.

  10. Leslie Says:

    *UPDATE: John Skelton, father of 3 missing boys, to spend 10-15 years behind bars!

    What is so obvious and interesting is that this man would sentence hiself to prison and not reveal the whereabouts of these precious boys IF they were still alive. It is obvious to everyone, sadly to say, that these boys are no longer on this earth. If only someone whould find them and bring them home to their mother so they could have the peace and the respect that they deserve…

  11. Nicole Says:

    ok my husband and I use to live around that area and moved after all the tragedies started. He was on the fire dept. there in morenci, and we were just reading your article. Has anyone checked the Lagunes or the waste ponds as someone might call them..?? The way you described the trees and roads and so on almost sounds like that area. My lil girl was suppose to be in school with tanner, I pray for their safe return. Our town needs those lil angels home.


    Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7, and Tanner Skelton, 5 WHERE ARE THEY.

  13. angel Says:

    Please tell the morenci Police that the skelton boys won’t be found they are in heaven i know he killed them i saw it.

  14. beth thrift Says:

    every several months i check around on the internet in hopes of finding an update on these little guys, i have 2 boys of my own and cant imagine the horror of losing my boys…do you have any current update info on this case from where you live?

  15. sherri Says:

    Angel, I am not sure what you mean in your post but if you have information you need to contact the police. There are thousands of people mourning for these boys and the outcome, good or bad needs to come now for closure. Many people cry on a daily basis and lose countless nights of sleep because our hearts are in agony. Do you have children? You must know what this does to their mom. The police will check every lead, including dreams or visions. Whatever it is you know, I am begging you to please call them.

  16. Leslie Says:

    Sherry is right. If anyone has any info or leads, please contact the authorities. After all this time…we still hold these dear little boys close to heart & lifted in prayer. Much thanks for everyone who is keeping this thread & hence the Skelton boys in front & on top…

  17. susan Says:

    Google earth…maybe from the air we could see those tree’s and road… My heart breaks. I want to believe they are alive but I do not think they are. Someone, somewhere would see all these posters. There are thousands of them.

  18. Dahlia Says:

    I had stumbled across these three little angels on twitter & I needed to know their story, what can I do? This absolutely breaks my heart & I’m sending my prayer to their families. I’m a full time stay at home mommy for my two babies & I don’t really have family to babysit to go on an investigation physically but I’m about to start narrowing down where they could be. That poor mother needs closure & to bring her boys home. I don’t know how or when but I will try my hardest to find out how his foot was broken & narrow down where he could’ve drove to within an 80 mile radius. Angel, I don’t know the chances of you reading this but bringing them home so their mommy can say her goodbyes & i love yous to her boys. I don’t know if you actually witnessed what happened to those babies but if you know anything that could help I really hope you come forward with the information you have. They won’t stop searching until the case is closed & their loved ones can say their see you somedays & they can finally be at peace. If he killed them the only way justice will come fourth is if they can prove they’re no longer alive. I will pray extra hard they come home on thanksgiving. I know I won’t be the only one sending prayer that day.

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