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The Michael Jackson Trial…

Posted on 9/27/2011 at 5:18:33 PM

Try as I might to resist commenting on this casel, I just cannot help it. For whatever Michael Jackson might or might not have been, he was first and foremost a human being. His doctor, Conrad Murray, was in charge of his care. It seems to me that Dr. Murray got himself caught up into something that got out of his control, causing him to lose sight of hsi responsibilities as a physician.

Michael JacksonAnd that’s my point. Most Americans know that the medical association and the pharmaceutical companies have us by the throat and wield way too much power. The only people in this country that can get any sort of health care without rendering them bankrupt are the rich and sometimes famous. Dr. Murray, in my opinion is a poster child for the *real* medical professional in this country, and while it is true that there are some honourable physicians out there, they are few and far between. Whike I won’t go into some of my own personal medical horror stories lived while dealing with doctors both while I had insurance and when I did not, suffice it to say, many of you reading this right now know exactly what I am talking about. Dr. Murray was swayed by the money and it blinded him to his moral and professional ethics. Yes, he is human too, but being a physician is his job for which he is licenced by the government which is supposed to be an affidavit testifying to his professionalism and his quality and ability to do his job. Doctors are no better than the corner mechanic these days. There are good ones and there are some bad ones. But, we are not dealing with a pick up truck here. We are dealing with lives. And that should mean something.

I won’t go into the whole political rant here, either. I will save that for some other day. let’s just say that no matter who Michael Jackson was, at the very least he was and is a victim in so many ways. A victim of himself, his addictions, and a victim of the times…which haven’t changed a whole lot in the past 50 years or so. Remember Janis? Jimmy? Kurt? Amy? The list goes on and on. That is what is sad, my friends. The fact that these folks wasted their lives and were dupped by everyone…including themselves.

Let’s try to be more aware of our neighbors, family and friends and help them to heal their emotional injuries so they don’t have to turn to self medication to deaden the pain. Let’s reach out to others in need, at least through a moral support system, to help them cope, especially now in these stressful economic times. Let’s try to elect officials who will make a difference in our society where health care and the homeless and the poverty stricken are concerned. No one in the world should be starving right now and they are! Lots of them are! there is no excuse for this.

So…don’t let this death be alike all the other ones: Futile. Senseless. A waste. Do your part. Take a stand. Don’t waste resources and hammer your opinion home to whomever will listen. If enough of us scream…then someone is bound to hear. If we scream to the heavens, then maybe someone here on earth will listen. I think that’s what Michael jackson would want. In fact, I know he would…

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