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The Lenormand Oracle…

Posted on 12/17/2009 at 5:27:22 PM

It seems that the more decks I learn about, the more favourites that I collect – if not physically, then at least in my dreams…

There are a few decks out there that I just can’t seem to find or get my hands on. The Victorian Romantic Tarot is one, The Sola Busca is another, and Buckland’s Romani Tarot is yet another again. Either they are available from time to time, but they are up for grabs for a very steep price, or they just are not anywhere to be found. Recently I found on their home website the Victorian Romantic tarot for sale at reverse auction for well over $1000 for a few decks that they managed to squirrel away, but decided to sell them off as a “holiday treat”! Recently they took that auction down for whatever reason – lack of interest? – and just asked a flat $850.00. Gads…

Sola Busca peeks out of obscurity from time to time on eBay, but not touchable for less than $250.00, give or take. Much more reasonable but still a little too steep for my blood.

Buckland’s Romani is just no where to be found that I can tell from my periodic checking. It is a beautiful and unusual deck that I hope to someday own. At least for now I can dream…

It doesn’t help matters when another awesome and amazing deck comes to my attention, and that deck is really two flavours of the same theme: The Lenormand Blue Owl Deck and the White Owl Deck!

The Lenormand Oracle ~ Blue Owl

The Lenormand Oracle ~ Blue Owl

Oh! How I love these cards!

I did manage to get a copy of the Petite deck available from And I have tracked down a web site that carries both the White, Red and Blue decks – – but, alas, they don’t ship to the United States. So, while the search goes on, I am finding out more and more about this fascinating group of cards and their enchanting creator.

There are three wonderful WordPress Blogs that features the Lenormand cards: The Lenormand Oracle and Lenormand Oracle Cards and Lenormand Cards with Elizabeth -all blogs are very wonderful, informative and thought-provoking! I suggest to anyone with a keen or even a passing interest in European cards to check these out!

One day I will have in my collection these beautiful decks. Until then I have the miracle of the InterWebz to sate my thirst for the French cards…

Au revoir!

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