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The Caylee Anthony Case…

Posted on 6/10/2011 at 6:41:18 PM

Caylee AnthonyBack in August of 2008, I took it upon myself to do a private and personal reading concerning the then missing Caylee Marie Anthony. At the time, way back when, I posted my findings and intuitive thoughts here, on WordPress, but since then many updates and back up attenpts later, that information has been lost to the Ether of cyberspace (but I am still searching for that back up as we speak and will post it here should I locate it. Until then, you only have my word on what I am about to relate, so feel free to take or leave what I have to share  here at this time). Now that this case has captured the attention of the nation and the world, I feel compelled to share my feelings and findings here in my blog. This is the first of many cases, some cold – some not, to come. Launching this category with the Caylee Anthony case, I feel, is appropriate and a special tribute to a special little girl, one tiny victim among many where this case, and others, is concerned.

Going back to late summer of 2008, the whole world was scratching their heads over the fact that a loving mother, in this case one Casey Anthony, would delay or even hide the disappearence of her darling little girl. Made no sense then and makes no sense now. No matter how you look at it, the only reason a person would hide the demise of another human being – especially an innocent -could be nothing other than because of nefariousness shadowed by guilt. But the world for the most part gave this woman the benifit of the doubt. Fair enough. The United States is unique in that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but those legal gears can turn mightily slow. That’s the price we pay for justice, I suppose.

But, in the meantime, as I watched the news and waited for anwsers once upon a time, there was my trusty tarot deck…sitting their on my desk…staring at me. Taunting me. Telling me that the answers were to be had if only I had the guts and the gumption to tap in. I fought the urge. The cards won.

As is normal for my way of accessing the realms of Spirit for answers, I already was receiving messages and information about the case. I could feel the little girl clamouring for attention from the other side. She longed for someone to look closer and longer in more spiritual ways. I knew the images of the cards would help me to connect and find deeper answers and so as I shuffled the deck, I prepared for what I was about to know, come what may. These are the cards that showed themselves after much serious thought, prayer and preparation:

* VII. The Chariot * II. Two of Cups * IX. Nine of Wands *

Little did I realize at the time, nor would come to full realization, until December 11, 2008, when little Caylee would be found, the implications of this reading. What I could see from this little reading for a precious little girl is that Caylee, portrayed in the Nine of Wands, was a victim in this case, abused and neglected and thrown away in the woods. Note the “bandage” (duct tape?) wrapped around the head. She has put up a fight and lost. She was incredulous and disappointed and hurt by her killer. Her body was hidden in the woods and there it was there that she waited to be found.

The Two of Cups told me that the reason for this horrific crime was passion and a longing for two people to be together – just two – any two? – away from the home of the child or the protection of her family. The caduceus told me at the time that there was some sort of medical association to the whole scenario. Looking back now, I have to conceed that the medical use of cloroform to sedate the child would to come into play. The heavenly presence of Ariel, the red winged Lion of God injected an element of bravery into the scene – bravery for everyone: for Casey to pull it off, for Caylee and her little soul, for the family and all the implications and for us – the people of the world – to come to grips with the fact that their are monsters among us sometimes clothed in the bodies of seductive people who are not who they appear to be. This image also told me that there was no regard for this little victim, and that there was a singleness of purpose, or drive, if you will, propelling Casey into a land of self interest, sociopathinc and self absorbed concentration. No matter the details of how it happened, once Caylee was out of the picture, the woman and man were free to concentrate upon themselves with no distractions.

Finally, The Chariot showed me that there was a fight a brewin’ and that to find justice for this little girl everyone would have to pitch in and help in one way or another…some with prayer, some with resources, some with faith and some with the belief that the little girl would be found and answers would be given. This would be a long, hard fight, as is being proven today. The Chariot showed me then as it does now that this whole event was set in motion from the time Caylee’s mother was born. While astrology is not my forte, * HERE *  is a link to a WordPress blog that explored this aspect of Casey Anthony’s personallity and her astrological profile. The Chariot also told me that if those involved closel,y and some not so closely, could be ferrited out through esoteric means and seeking answers in unconventional places; that there would be a long search and fight for answers and justice in this particular case. Little did we know then just how hard and long that fight would be.

I still have my own thoughts on this case that others don’t seem to cinsider, one being that there was another person involved and it is not her father, George. There is a third party that Casey is protecting or that no one else even knows about to this day. Not Roy Kronk. Not Georpge Anthony or anyone else in her family. Who this person is, I have no clue to this day. The information is elusive to me. If I get any further impressions on this I will post it here first. But until then, it appears that justice is finally being served for a sweet little girl who didn’t deserve to be neglected and killed in such a horrific way. Suffice it to say the whole truth may never be known. But, like passing a terrible accident that we just cannot look away from, we will continue to watch as Lady Justice works her magic on this case and a little girl gets some closure. My hopes and prayers are with Caylee, her vindication and the justice that she deserves.

Stay tuned…

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2 Responses to “The Caylee Anthony Case…”

  1. bzmom Says:

    So sad! I felt the fear, shock and horror in the little girl as you were describing the events! I think it moves people because even though she is not the first or last mother to extinguish her child’s life, but that poison comes in pretty packages seems to hold true here. Freakishly so. All outward appearances are deceiving to our eyes and hearts, but our mind tells us something else and that is what is confusing. Not to mention the ultimate betrayal she just doesn’t get.

  2. Leslie Says:

    Your words, bzmom, cut straight to the heart and make so much sense. You are a wise woman! My heart is chilled by what this poor little girl was feeling at the moment of her transition. Her mother is a monster in a pretty little package. She was jealous of her child and used her as a weapon to cause pain in others. Little did she know how many people she would be stabbing with the act of murder of her innocent little daughter. In her self-centered vindictiveness, she never saw the impact of her actions and how they would touch so many lives. Another validation that all of our souls are indeed connected. I feel a very profound connection with this little girl in a loving motherly way; I also feel a connection with her mother is a very negative and disgusted way. I also feel pity, sorrow and sadness that such a thing can happen, and when I regard it the feelings I get when I see any beautiful thing flawed and ruined come creeping in. The only good that can come from this and to honour the little victim is to make sure that this sort of thing is not repeated in the future. Thank you, bzmom, for your imput. It is very much appriciated! namaste to you, my dear…

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