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Posted on 2/6/2010 at 12:02:28 AM

The Shaman ~ Tarot of Origins

It’s funny how more and more synchronicity shows itself and makes itself known in one’s life the more aware one is of it’s existence. After studying and reading works of C.G.Jung over the past few years, I have found myself noticing more how things are really all related.

For instance, because of a location move that I will be making soon, I have been very busy lately making arrangements to get from here to there. If any of you have ever relocated across the country (this is my second time, the first being from California to Michigan), you know how timing and planning is tantamount to a successful move. True, it’s very hard to cover all of the bases, but by golly! we sure do try!  Anyway, while on the phone with a friend discussing which moving van company to go with – Budget or Penske – a Budget van goes cruising by my front window! (I subsequently went with Penske…heheh 😉

Or one day last week I was driving around on a particularly beautiful and rare sunny day, the bright white new snow that lay everywhere practically blinded me, so I donned my sunglasses which are prescription. They are somewhat out of style,  their shape is quite thin, letting in a lot of unwanted light from the top of the lenses. I say to myself, “…I need to think about getting a new pair. I should save up these next few weeks and get some before spring gets here.” Got home. Got the mail. And there in the mail was a $100 off coupon for Rx sunglasses! This kind of stuff happens to me all the time.

Recently I have discovered some interesting reading material in the form of books written by Jim Pathfinder Ewing. They delve into shamanism, journeying  and healing in the Native American tradition. This is extremely interesting to me and  hits close to the heart, as I have Chocktaw blood running through my veins from my mother’s side of the family. It is suspected that this branch of my family  is where my intuitive nature  is passed down through to me and my two children. So, discovering Jim’s work is like finding a long lost cousin.

Last night before bed I was checking out the news on CNN and the sweat lodge story really caught my eye.  As the details unfolded as to what actually happened in that sweat lodge the day those three people died & others became very ill because of someones negligence, I felt great sorrow for that whole situation. How could such a thing happen and at such a cost. I thought to myself, “Oh boy…this is gonna give Sedona a black eye for sure.” Add to that how people who scoff at New Age beliefs and ideas or alternative ways of thinking, believing and healing, are going to tear into this like a mad dog &\and rip it to shreds. Oh brother.

Every morning I have what I call my quiet time, with whatever book I am reading in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other. I open the book at the bookmark that I set yesterday about this same time and what are the first words I read at the top of the page?

…”The Sweat Lodge.”


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