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R.I.P. Trayvon…

Posted on 7/16/2013 at 3:24:08 PM

Ok…so many have asked me why I have been so quiet about this event and when I was going to say something. Frankly, I was waiting for the right time to let my feelings be known…exploring them…analyzing them…listening to my intuition. Well…today is the day…

Ever since this whole sad thing went down, my heart has been breaking for the Martin family. I have a young adult son who has a flair for life. Being a young person in this world is no crime. Being black is no crime. Armed with nothing more than Skittles and a tea, Trayvon was gunned down after being profiled by an over zealous wanna-be cop. That he should be let free and handed back his gun is a shock to me. (If won’t say this wanna-be’s name, as to utter his name will give him publicity and power, two things that I do not want to give this person. But you know of whom I am speaking.)  I am so angry about the verdict of this case, my head is spinning. This is not just a racial issue. This is a human issue.

Our system of justice has failed us and I am ashamed of it. Let’s just hope that a civil case can be made and that the powers that be will step in and make sure that this is not the last we have heard about this sad event. The reason folks are so upset is that even though this jury has ruled in the criminal case – of which I would hope would spell out that just because he was found not guilty, that this does not mean that this wanna-be cop is innocent, because he in fact is not innocent of killing an unarmed boy – the sting of this tragedy is still fresh and justice indeed has not been served for anyone…not for Trayvon and his mourning family, not the citizens of the world and their broken hearts, not for me in my shock and horror that it is not safe for me to even venture out after dark in my own state without fear of being killed by some goof ball with a loaded gun…a gun that my state and country has handed to an unstable man just because he passed a simple test to carry and conceal.

Long story short: “Stand Your Ground” is bull crap. Plain and simple. Another long story short, while I am on a roll: The current methods of having a conceal and carry permit are substandard. How about making these people – citizens as well as cops – get a psych eval before letting them wander around with a loaded gun in their pocket? Sure, not fool proof, but a far better way than what we have going now.

In closing, I have to say that the Neighborhood Watch “program” (if there even is such a thing!) has to be monitored much more carefully or restructured or something. Everyone should be keeping an eye on the neighbors but not just to protect their property and safety, but also to make sure that that neighbor is not a wanna-be cop out seeking vigilante justice for his own ego and self glorification. Don’t just passively disregard who your neighbor is. Get to know the folks who live in your neighborhood. Drop by and say “Hello” and communicate with each other. Keep an eye out for each other. Know who you live next to.

…and say a prayer for all the Trayvon’s out there, because sadly there is bound to be more.

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