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When Disaster Strikes…

Posted on 3/27/2015 at 11:47:30 PM

It never seems to fail…whenever there is some sort of disaster or major event where there are a lot of folks transitioning it always seems like it effects me in many disturbing ways. First is the empathy. I feel so badly when things like this happen. I’m speaking of mass death disasters generally and this last GermanWings air disaster specifically. First, the loss of life is so horrendous to me that it is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around it. I become consumed with the thought of the event and how it effects the survivors and families of the victims. Then, there is the disappointment in the humanity of the perpetrator or lack thereof. I just cannot understand how someone could do such a thing. Then…night time settles in…night after night. That is when the dead come to speak with me about such things, those who have passed because of the event or others who are stirred from their sleep because of it. The visits and communications become a commonplace occurrence night after night until finally they die down, having communicated and said what it is that they have come to say, getting it off their chests so that they can once again rest peacefully or get on with their ethereal lives. It never fails to surprise me and catch me off guard whenever it happens, but the initial stimulus is almost always the same…mass exodus. This time was no different.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims and families, survivors and loved ones in this tragic and sad time. May everyone eventually find peace and forgiveness, acceptance and faith in the coming days and weeks and months and years…


Twenty One Questions: How to Be a Medium…?

Posted on 3/27/2015 at 11:29:27 PM

Dear Miss Gypsy,

Over the past years I have wanted so bad to become a medium just like the ones that I see on TV. I have spent $1000s on classes, retreats, seminars, books and other things that promise to teach me how to be a medium. All to no avail. What am I doing wrong? I want this so badly I can taste it. Thank you for your input.

…Paula M.

Well, Paula…I get this question all the time and it is a valid one. I hate to break it to ya, but it sorta goes like this. While everyone has psychic abilities and can develop those abilities to one degree or another, the same cannot be said for mediumship. Psychics can be made; mediums are born, not made. Mediumship abilities may take years to surface or one may be “open” to spirit from a very young age, such as was the case with myself. But no amount of money or classes or book reading can give you this ability and I would be very wary of anyone who promises that they can teach you how to be a medium. Not only will you be throwing your hard earned  money away, you will become increasingly disillusioned and much poorer for it both financially and spiritually. Places like Cassadaga and Lilydale may tout themselves as medium-making institutions, but nothing could be farther from the truth. It is sad to say, but they prey upon the vanity and weaknesses of the unsuspecting soul with a romantic notion that they can be another John Edward or Long Island Medium. It simply cannot be done. And, while it may seem lucrative and exciting to be a medium, or the lifestyles of mediums may appear to be glamorous and full of special privileges, nothing could be farther from the truth. Mediumship can be inconvenient, intrusive, misunderstood and downright annoying at times. Fraught with lack of sleep, misunderstanding, stigma and superstition,  the life of a medium can be difficult and alienating, depending upon the circles one travels in or the folks that they may happen to meet up with anywhere along their paths through life. In other words, mediumship can sometimes not be what it seems cracked up to be.

Most people think that mediumship is all about helping the living to connect with their deceased loved ones, and to a minor degree that is true. But this is more of an after effect than the true reality of the ability. In truth, mediums helps the deceased much more that their living counterparts in ways than one could possibly imagine. So, while the living are clamoring to be able to speak with the dead,  the real focus is upon helping the dead make sense of their transitioning, helping them to get their bearings in their new surroundings, helping them to face the notion that they have died and there is nothing they can do about it. The dead long to reach out to a medium or other type of sensitive for validation and to be recognized as still existing even if it is on a totally different plane within a totally different dimension. Having been through my own near death experience, I can testify first hand that the transitioning is confusing and strange if not more than a little bewildering at times. No, the deceased have a much harder time dealing with their lack of physical-ness as they morph away from the three dimensional plane and into a whole other realm of existence, which, by comparison makes our dealing with their departure the lesser of the two stressful situations. And while I do not mean to lessen or belittle those who survive our dead loved ones, imagine that for as much as we are pained by their leaving, they are doubly or even triply distressed by their changing from this material world into the new land of light. We have the good fortune of just suffering their loss while they not only suffer such a loss also, they have to deal with being yanked out of the material world and enter into a whole new realm of living. It can be very bewildering and even frightening for someone who is either not prepared or lacks in the faith of an afterlife. Even the most devout of religious souls can find the transition rather unnerving and disorienting. it is for this that mediums are truly born.

So you see…talking to the dead comes with a great deal of responsibility which makes it a real blessing that one cannot simply read a book or take a course in order to actually experience. In fact, while those who have no mediumship abilities whatsoever pine for the “gift”, it is folks like myself…born mediums…that envy those who lead “normal” quiet lives away from the cacophony of the dead who more or less constantly make themselves known to those who are sensitive enough to hear them or see them. Don’t get me wrong. God bestows us each with our own unique gifts and abilities and i am very grateful for those that He gave to be at birth. But, while some wish and long for gifts they will never possess, there are others who have those gifts that wish they had the ones others have. And so it goes for any ability or talent…whether it be singing or dancing or writing or what have you. Such is human nature, I suppose.

My advice to you is to be grateful for what you have and/or have not and go with it. Maybe one day you will open to the voices and visions of the spirit world. But until then please do not be disillusioned into thinking that this is something that you can buy. Because it certainly is not. And while you may not have the gist of mediumship, there are most certainly other abilities that you may possess that could very well be of equal importance. Take the mediumship blinders off and explore your psychic world, my dear. You never know what treasure you may find…



New Category: Twenty One Questions…

Posted on 3/5/2015 at 5:34:28 PM

Twenty QuestionsHello World! Apologies for being so quiet here so far this year. I have been busy…which is a good thing! …but I always have posting here on my daily list of things to do that, at the end of the day, always seems to fall to the bottom. No more! I say…

Over the course of my days I am asked many questions about many different things, mostly pertaining to mediumship, Tarot and other forms of Divination, intuitive arts, religion, the Occult…the list goes on and on. So I was thinking…this is the perfect thing to discuss right here. And so we shall…

So, I have decided to share these questions here along with the answers and opinions that I have gathered over the course of many years of living and doing within the realms of the supernatural, the spiritual and the truly bizarre. While I have a list of questions at hand, I would love to hear from you all! If you have any questions regarding divination, Tarot, mediumship, intuitive arts, psychic gifts, spirituality, conjure, the paranormal or other related topics, please feel free to submit your questions. Simply send off an email to me at with “Twenty One Questions” in the subject line. (This way I can easily find them from among the scads of other emails I receive on a daily basis.) It is my sincere intention to post here in this category on a regular basis, say once per week, God willing! Please keep an eye on this spot for upcoming postings! Better yet, subscribe so that you don’t miss a single thing.

I look forward to this project!

I love you all and wish everyone a most beautiful day!


Posted on 12/12/2014 at 12:17:17 AM

I remember where I was when I found out that John Lennon had been murdered, shot down like a dog in the street by some psycho with a desire for 15 minutes of fame. I was with my best friend (at the time) helping her after some pretty serious surgery. I felt like the world was getting a little bit out of control. Little did I know how mild that would be compared to all of the crap that is happening now on our little blue marble of a world, the planet that I (currently) call home.

I guess the more years that tick by the more complicated things seem to be. Yes, I can hear myself and I sound like my parents, God bless them. But…they were right. The planet is getting dirty, the extremists are getting too excited, money has little value, technology is replacing face time, people are still starving and time just ticks away. Music sucks. TV sucks. Thank God for books. I tell my dear husband…All I need is a candle, some matches, a book and a cranky can opener and I think I can handle the Apocalypse. Yes…I think I can.

What does my heart good these days is seeing people marching in the streets the way we used to do during the days of the Vietnam war protests. If the cops are out of line, then march, damn it! let the world know that we are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more! People need to make a stand. I am so glad that they are. It is the best thing that has happened in a good long while. People should not be killed by crappy cops because of the colour of their skin or what they look like. That’s just an excuse for shoddy policemanship, anyway. They don’t make cops the way they used to. It is a thankless job that pays little. no a days anyone that is willing to do that crap job will be hired and if they are competent or not is not the local government’s first priority. Yes…there are some good cops. But not like there used to be. Used to be a cop had to be up to muster. All they do now is slap a badge on a monkey and call it good. So, yes…there needs to be a voice shouting to the roof tops for the communities that are damaged by these unnecessary killings. For the heart broken moms and the sisters without brothers and the kids who will have to grow up without their dads. March, I say. March…

And I hate what is going on with the Middle East. Absolutely hate to see the bloodshed and the fighting over whose God is better. God is God. It’s all the same for Christ’s sake. But, we all know that it really isn’t at all about God. It’s about control. It’s about forcing people to think a certain way about giving a few zealots a great deal of power over regular ordinary people. And money. Power and money. Not God. So, let’s just leave God out of it, shall we? No one is fooled any longer…

Torture. Why is anyone at all surprised? This sort of thing has been going on for millennia. Nothing new to see here. Move along…

So…what next? I’m gonna probably keep on ranting even if it is only to myself. I know that I ma not the only one out here on the planet that is fed up to ->here<- with all this unrest, hate, fear and greed disguised as righteousness. And I am more than likely going to keep on praying for everyone and every thing that I can for the simple fact that I know that prayer works better than anything where change is concerned…prayer and action go hand in hand. Be mindful in all ways all your days. Until next time…

John & Yoko

Shop News!

Posted on 11/11/2014 at 11:11:39 PM

Oh my Gosh! Putting a store online is time consuming and a slow process…but we are getting there!

No excuses. Just letting you all know that it is still coming along, slowly but surely. And I thank you for your patience.

Watch this spot for further developments as they are made available. And don’t forget to peruse the shop. I am adding things at a regular rate. If there is anything that you are looking for in particular, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at or give me a call. My business number is on the website:

Until next time! 🙂

Gypsy's Bazaar!

Free One Card Readings…

Posted on 11/11/2014 at 11:01:01 PM

So…for the majority of my life I have been known to give away free readings of one sort or another. Some find that suspicious, but most find it awesome and helpful. Most of the free readings that I do consist of just one card. I have a few people who have complained about the quantity of the cards offered which to me is a bit rude, but it also tells me that they don’t know much about the Tarot and how it works. I urge these types to just give it a try, as one never knows the volume of information that can be gleaned from “just one card”. Most of the time they are simple blown away by the depth for the experience. This always makes me smile as my goal in offering free one card readings is multi faceted.

TemperanceFirst off, there are many folks out there that have no idea whatsoever exactly what the Tarot is. Most of them cannot even pronounce the word “Tarot” so right away they get an education. Quite a few approach the free reading saying “…oh my! I am scared!” I ask them why? Do they compare a card reading to a root canal, a pap test or a colonoscopy…all things I would have some trepidation approaching. But never would fear a reading in this way and so I get a chance to reassure them and calm their fears.

Then, there is the dreaded Devil, Death, 9 or 10 of Swords that pops up from time to time. The looks of complete and utter horror upon the faces of the person pulling these stigmatized images is almost comical and I have to stifle a smile because I don’t want to appear to be to be cold. But the plain and simple truth of the matter, once explained to them, puts their minds at ease. There is so much misinformation regarding the Tarot that enters their thoughts that they have a hard time figuring out exactly what the card is trying to tell them…change, rebirth, vice, habit, complacency, anxiety…just a few conditions touched upon by these important images that exist within the system that we call “Tarot”…a whole new world opening up to them.

I would be remiss to exclude the religious snobbery that rears its ugly head from time to time. “Do you believe in God?” or “Are you a Devil worshipper?” or “What does the Bible say about this?” are common questions that come before the pulling of the card. The answers “yes, I do” and “no, I don’t” and “Plenty!” are comforting to them, the ensuing explanations setting their minds at ease. After all, we don’t want to consort with the Devil, do we? Too much TV, I explain to them. Don’t believe everything that you see on the toob.

Last, but not least…I just want to help people. I am certainly not in it for the fame, the money and the riches. But I do need to keep my lights on and support my web site as well as my tummy. But fame and fortune are not my goals (as is evident in the charges for my services…which some also suspect. It runs the gamut from “Only the truly gifted never charge for their services” to “Oh, your rates or so cheap. You must not be any good, then.” There’s always someone…). Some find it hard to believe that in this day and age that anything is free, and that there must be a catch or a trick or a hook. I’m sorry to disappoint…but no, actually, I am not. My goal and mission in life is to help others to find peace, calm and healing in their everyday lives. I wish to help them find answers. I want them to live a happy and healthy life. I long to educate others regarding what the Tarot really is and that anyone can use it to positively accent their lives and help to make the healthy changes that set one upon a path of wellness of body, mind and spirit. Plain and simple…

So, don’t be afraid to request a free one card reading. It is fun, productive and interesting! No strings, I promise… 🙂

Conjure Secrets…Gypsy Style!

Posted on 11/4/2014 at 8:43:56 PM

Conjure…conjures up all sorts of things within one’s mind. Usually whoever is attached to that mind sees their pre-conceived notions regarding the practice through a fevered religious  or ethnic hued stained glass of their own choosing. Which is fine. But there is a line drawn that separates the authentic from the fakers. What most folks new to conjure do not realize is that line exists at all. They have to look for it in order to not get all caught up in the place that lives between what is true conjure and what is merely mind control hooey. At the heart of conjure lies three things…

old church1The first is the ancestors…our own and others. It is very important to be able to commune with the ancestors so as to draw from their knowledge and experience. If one does not honour their ancestors during conjure workings then the outcome will probably be less than desirable. Then the question will be…why waste your time?  The key is that connection with them, no matter who they are or where they came from. Whether you are Russian Orthodox or Jewish or Native American or Irish or African or Southern American or Martian or what have you, where your family comes from, who they are, how you were raised and what you believe is at the very heart and core of successful, uplifting, powerful conjure work. There is no market cornered by any ethnic or religious group. So, if someone tells you that then they are full of crap and just wanting to intimidate you or throw you off your own path seeking a magical life. So, if someone tells you to discard what your family has established over tens if not hundreds of years…say “no, thank you” and walk away.

The second thing is tradition. I see it all the time all over the interwebz mostly where each tradition or style of conjure is so busy at trying to corner the market on conjure that they taint their work before they even start. The “my juju is better than your juju because I am (fill in the blank) religion/path/whatever” is an excuse for lack of knowledge and laziness. There is no one true tradition attached to conjure work. And this ties in with the first thing mentioned above…the ancestors. We all want to carry on family traditions be they old family recipes, a certain way to celebrate important days of the year, or unique and unusual routines that are passed down from generation to generation. Some traditions stick for many decades or even centuries. Even new ones come from time to time as each generation is handed the torch of keeping those time honoured  ways. But to throw all those years of experience through the blood, sweat and tears of our beloveds? That would be a Fool’s errand, that. So, if you come across one of these “superior juju” types…show them your backside and walk away.

The third thing is the most important thing…faith. Without faith and belief then one;s conjure will likely be dead or barely breathing. Faith lives through us. Faith is what makes us who we are in the eyes of God or Gods or whomever you pray to. Some so-called conjure folks think that it is they themselves who possess power of strength or whatever it is that makes things work. But that is false and a lie. It is God that has the power. He or She or They are the ones who allow the power force to work through us by our own faith and nothing originates within us. It flows through us by the Grace of the Divine. We are instruments of their love for us. They give us nothing that we don’t deserve or have not earned. So if a conjure “doctor” tells you that he himself – a mere human being – is all mighty and most powerful…walk the other way. He or she is a charlatan and nothing more with delusions of grandeur. Pray for them to see the error of their ways and for them to stay off the path of would-be victims, that those would-be victims be protected from such ignorance.

Once you have these three very important things as the foundation that supports the work beneath you, the path to success in helping yourself and others to heal their lives will be cradled in the palms of your hands. To not have this solid foundation is like building castles in the air. Either they will never materialize or they will fall before you even get started. As long as you have the ancestors, tradition and faith as the staples for your work, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish!

What My Grandma Says…

Posted on 10/27/2014 at 8:55:57 PM

Grandma in a rockerIt’s been many a year since my Grandma has been walking this physical plane, but she visits me on a regular basis and sometimes has a lot to say. Her favourite thing to say is…”The world is going to hell in a hand basket!” Now as it has been all those years ago, she sees with her wisdom and her intuition and he clarity that things can get very out of hand. Being a devout Christian woman, she always had faith and believed that God would see us through. She pops in to remind me on a regular basis that as long as we have faith in God and in each other that there is always a way and that everything will work out just fine. I have inherited my eternal optimism from her, I reckon.

We called her Grandma TwoTwo because as young kids it was had to figure exactly why we had one mom but two grandmothers. And so Flora, my maternal grandmother, took the title of TwoTwo granny…or Grandma TwoTwo. She saw the magic in everything and was a consummate gardener, cook, seamstress and healer. She could fix anything and make anything right with her apt attention and the touch of her hands. She never swore a day in her life except one time when we were capping strawberries on warm early summer evening. “Shit fire! I cut my finger!” She uttered just under her breath. My eyes grew wide at the sound of that and I looked at her in amazement saying…”Grandma!” ’cause I knew if I said that I’d be in a world of trouble, that and I was so taken aback at hearing her curse. She just smiled at me and said…” …well…I did!” 🙂

Back when she was a young woman and mother all the folks went to see my grandmother and her sisters for all sorts of things. They grew up in the depression ere, their fathers and grandfathers having fought in the Civil War. She used to tell me, “…we were poor but we didn’t know it.” They always had everything they could possibly want and knew no better. “The world has changed so much,” she used to tell me, worried for the old ways. But she loved the new things that had been introduced into the world, not like my grandfather on my dad’s side, who was suspicious and in disbelief in everything “new”. Being from Amish, Mennonite and Quaker stock, it was born in him to suspect anything new fangled. (That’s a story for another day, for sure! 😉 ) Mom’s side was different, though. They were adventurous and happy, independent and scrappy. Back then folks would stick together in a pinch and everyone went to church and praised the Lord. My mom hated church, however, and played hooky any chance she could. She was a wild one, alright. I take after my grandmother in pretty much all respects, my brothers taking after my mom, always rowdy and full of party. I was content to be home keeping the home fires burning just as Grandma TwoTwo used to do. Mom thought it dull and boring. I think it just fine.

Now, I’m not a “prepper” or a “Doomsdayer” by any stretch of the imagination. But I am of the mind that if only everyone would live a more simple life without so much drama and waste, following the Bible and living better lives for one another, honouring the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments…how different yet again the world would be. We could keep some advancements such as those of medicine and medical technology if only to make the world a more healing and healthy place to live. But do we really need all the glitz and bling? Do we really need to throw food away while others starve? How many cars does one really need? How much money does anyone really need? Some folks have all the money in the world. What for? How can they hoard it while babies starve? I channel my grandmother in saying these things. For what means? And to what end? If the lights went out tomorrow who would survive it? Grandma TwoTwo would ask those very questions all those years ago. She is still asking them today…

What would she say today? I can hear her voice…

“Take care of each other. Think for yourself. Don’t lie or waste or cheat people. Don’t follow others that are evil or bad. Do what is right. Respect life. Love your kin. Be yourself. Don’t be mean. Go to church. Eat right. Laugh. Grow your own food. Give to others. Heal others in their hearts and in their bodies. Make your kin proud. Make God proud.”

Such simple sage advice. I try to live that every single day of my life. For my kin. For my grandmother. For my friends and for the planet. I pass this along to whoever will listen. That way you can pass it along to the next.

…thank you, Grandma TwoTwo. I love you.

Justice Served for Jordan Davis…

Posted on 10/17/2014 at 8:41:57 PM

Michael Dunn...Monster.

Michael Dunn…Monster.

Praise God! There is a monster off the street today thanks to our justice system. All through this long two year ordeal surrounding what has happened to one of our country’s children, I have been sad for the fact that people like Michael Dunn are walking around on this planet taking up valuable space and air that could be better had by one more deserving. the perpetrator of this heinous crime is a meat bag of human waste.

Jordan’s mother is a saint for being able to move past the horror of what has happened to her family and her boy, and I hope that I can be more like her every single day of my life. I have never seen a stronger family with such a strong faith in God in my whole entire life. If anything good comes from this tragedy, it is a model for living that is lived for real by the family of Jordan Davis.

I hope this monster gets exactly what he deserves in prison. When the news that he had received life plus 90 years for he had done floated through my range of hearing a tear came to my eye. Yes. Justice is done this day.

My kids are grown. The world is such a different place today than it was when I was raising them. Back when I was a parent of young teenaged kids I never worried about things like this, a statement every generation makes as the torch is passed from mother and father to daughter and son. We live in a very strange world that makes me wonder what this world is coming to where when a young black child is murdered over the volume of the music he is listening to by a racist man with an itch to kill someone – anyone! – who doesn’t oblige his whims. He could have murdered anyone that night…even me…if my radio was crooning from my car had I the unfortunate occasion to park next to his.  The victim was random; the murder a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. Michael Dunn had black in his eyes and hate in his heart. Instead of calling 911 after emptying his gun into that red SUV, he went home to walk his dog and celebrate over pizza and rum. “I would have put 50 bullets into that car had I had the chance” he said in court. Indeed, sir. It is a shame that we don’t have the same opportunity regarding your worthless life. My faith waivers whenever I see or hear of this sort of thing happen anywhere in the world. But this day my faith is restored and I can feel good about the day. One day at a time.

I pray for Jordan’s family. I ask God to give them some peace and healing, although I know that will never be a reality for them. But at least they can rest easy that this poor excuse for a human being is off the street and won’t be able to kill another child. If only Trevon Martin’s family could have this experience. Or Michael Brown. Or any of the other families that we have heard about lately and even the one’s that we have not, if only they, too, could get some peace in their sould over the imjustice that has been done to their own families. But this is a start, yes. It is a good beginning.

Rest with Jesus, Jordan. Your day of justice has come and will be realized every day from now until this monster leaves the planet for the fiery realms of Hell…


Posted on 9/12/2014 at 8:16:43 PM

V is for Farcebook...Well…the honeymoon is over between me and the social media giant, Facebook, which I have lovingly renamed Farcebook, because of their latest shenanigans which have now broke my camel’s back. There is a little poem we used to recite when something of this nature would come about. It goes something like this…

I saw a birdie soft and still

sitting upon my window sill.

I coaxed him in with a piece of bread,

then I smashed his little head.

…and that is exactly what Farcebook is doing to its loyal users. They are luring them in with the idea that their platform is fun and interesting and inviting and in their best interests and a great way to stay in touch with family and friends…and then slowly but surely begin to get control of you and everything that you do within that environment. Which is their right, I suppose, as some of their policies are there albeit buried amidst a ton of mumbo jumbo. The other things are outright changes that they call “tweaks” which are supposed to “make the experience” better. But it doesn’t really. They do it little bit by little bit, just enough to annoy but not start an all out rebellion. Until now. And even so, a lot of people are putting up with the latest ploy, which they have managed to convince a lot of those who just don’t give a fig that it is ” for their own good” and to “protect them”, but in reality it is posturing for a money grab by collecting data and personal info so as to sell it to the government. Yes, I am referring to the “real name” policy. Sure, it is in the fine print that one agrees to when they sign up for the venue, but no one has ever really taken it seriously. After all, how safe is it to be putting your real identity out there on the interwebz, hmm? Having been on the net since before there was even a world wide web (thank you, Al Gore! 😉 ) way back well into the mid to late 1970’s (yes, I am dating myself here) it has been an unwritten given that one never puts their personal info out there on the web. But now, Farcebook, in an effort to make you sign up for a “Fan Page” so as to be able to post as a business, an entity or anonymously, has put the screws to those who do not want to play by their silly yet ignorant rules by forcing you into putting your real name out there for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see. Now, I don’t look down on those who choose to put there real names out there. That is their choice and more power to them. I chose to use my business name, as that is the main reasons I am on social media to begin with…to promote my business. I want to brand my business, not my family name. Contrary to some other publicity Ho’s out there, I am not into business for the sole purpose to get rich at any cost like Farcebook is doing.  If I want to socialize with friends I will call them up on the phone or make plans for a play date in person. I don’t need to hide behind a computer to have a social life. True, I may be one in a million, but I don’t think so. Now, the plan is to get me to use their “Fan Page” option to try and promote my business, but the problem that I have with that is the way their algorithm is programed. They have it coded in such a way so as to limit exposure in that phase of the environment …drum roll please… UNLESS I PAY FOR IT! Yes, folks. There it is. The proverbial turd in the punch bowl. This is what it all boils down to…greed. Like Mark Zuckerburg and Farcebook as an entity doesn’t have enough money in their hairy little palms.

So…what to do now?

Well, let’s see. Google+ and Twitter today are looking a whole lot more shiny and sparkly for me than they did yesterday before my underwear got pulled up around my ears. And then there is a little- heard of social networking site called diaspora* which is looking more and more attractive to me the more I learn about it. The bottom line is this…Farcebook does not OWN my ass and I refuse to be extorted. So, now begins the slow but sure phasing over to something bigger and better than what I had in Farcebook. The bottom line is sobering but do-able…they did me a favour in showing me their true colours. I will not spend one hard earned penny to line the Farcebook corporate pockets, no. You all do what you want, but I did not grow up in the ’60s and the ’70s to just roll over and let Big Brother stick to me this way. And you would be smart, dear reader, to pay close attention to whom you are giving all of your personal information to. It may not be too late to save yourself from this monster. Or at least try…

…stay tuned. 🙂