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The Shop is Moving!

Posted on 10/5/2015 at 12:18:48 AM

…and it is a good thing!

Just an update about the store. Last weekend was our final weekend at the St. Augustine Market Place. We had a good run there for six long wonderful years! But as we are relocating to Daytona Beach, Florida, we will also be bringing the store with us! If all goes to plan, we will be reopening  around Christmas time, sometime thereabouts. Or at the latest right after the first of the year 2016. We are so excited! I cannot tell you how much!

In the meantime, I wish to thank all of the wonderful clients and customers who have been with us throughout these first years and hope that they will continue to be our patrons. It has been a beautiful surprise to have all the phone calls and messages of support and approval come flooding in at the news of our advancement up and onward to the next level of success! The whole journey has been truly an inspiration!

As the time draws nearer, I will be sending emails, postcards and phone calls to every client and customer with contact information and news. As always, you can drop me a line, respond right here to this post, or call at anytime for further information. I will also be posting our progress right here to share with all of my dear friends, clients and customers so that no one will miss a thing! This really is a most exciting time!

Thank you again, everyone! We love you all! <3

Vardo Kids...

Miss Gypsy…where have you been?!

Posted on 9/30/2015 at 3:46:09 PM

I have been getting that a lot lately and so this morning while I have a spare minute or two, I thought I’d share some of the happenings going on in my life right now. All good! 🙂

First off, as anyone who knows me well knows that I am more and more disenchanted with social media lately. I have decided to do most of my social sharing right here on my blog. Social media has become a cesspool of drama which I just don’t have room for in my life. So…if you wanna take a peek into the life of a Sleeping Gypsy, look no further than this place right here.


vardo camp

That being said, hubby and I have been busier than little beavers! We decided a while back to sell our house in St. Augustine and move south to Daytona Beach! This means a lot of work. We are relocating our store to the Daytona Flea Market late this year or early into 2016. This is a definite step up up UP! We are so excited to be making this advance you have no idea just how excited we are!

Daytona Beach and surrounding areas are experiencing a tremendous amount of growth right now and all sorts of good things are going on down there! I will still be doing readings on a regular basis, but the retail side of my business will be on hold until we get settled. In the meantime, we will be moving to our new abode very soon!

I will be sure to keep you all posted as things progress and develop. Our lives are just so full of blessings and work and business right now that it is really hard to keep up on the cybersphere end of things, so I do apologize for not being more active online. Real life calls! But I have not forgotten you guys…my friends and customers and clients that make my life so bright and full of meaning and joy!

And rest assured…I will be contacting each and every one of you personally with updates as to my contact information so that everyone will be in the loop and on the same page!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day! 🙂

…Gypsy. <3


Posted on 7/14/2015 at 7:43:40 PM

While surfing the web the other day, I ran across a web page authored by a fellow intuitive…or so I thought she was. When I first started reading her bio she seemed genuine enough…until I dove in a little bit deeper. That is when I began to sense something was…off..

It seems that she wanted to convince herself and others that she is “special”, that she has power and that she herself can command God and other Higher Beings to do her bidding. She claimed that the vision, insight and intuition was all her, that she alone held the answers. No one else on the planet had the spiritual connections that she had. No one else possessed her power. Imagine the incredulous look that grew upon my face. All I could do is shake my head.

Let me set the record straight. No one on the planet has the power of God. No one holds all of the answers within them. At least from my understanding. I learned from an early age to humble myself, to appreciate the gifts that God has allowed to work through me and others, and to not get too full of myself, else wise I could end up on the wrong side of things. God, the Divine, Higher Beings and the deceased speak through us. We do not and cannot attain the same level without many lifetimes of trial and error and then I have not personally known or seen anyone upon this planet be able to fulfill the giant shoes of such beings. They can indeed speak through us if we allow it, because we all have the freedom of will to accept or decline such communication with Spirit. The Divine simply will not hand the keys of knowledge to just any old intuitive on this globe or any other. And it isn’t as easy as simply pulling a rabbit out of a hat or doing a card trick. Taking many years of application of opening of self and releasing of prohibitive energy, channeling spirit is the way it works. So…if you run into someone who claims to be all that and a bag of chips, please proceed with caution. They are most likely pulling your leg hoping some dollar bills will fall out of your wallet and into their hot little hands.

Channeling is how I receive messages from other places and I use that description very loosely. Every message that flows through has to be discerned before letting the message leave my lips. The cleansing, grounding, centering, opening and letting go of just enough personal energetic control while maintaining a thread of connection with the physical body and mental faculties is not for the faint of heart. For when one channels, they lend their body, in essence moving over while spiritual beings access the faculties of speech, brain waves and feeling that makes for a successful transmission. And whether it is a Higher Being or a deceased loved one, the methods are always the same. The process being much like full blown dreaming while wide awake, varying in different degrees depending on the connection. Some channelings are awake and aware, while others are fully immersed, the channeler not fully aware of the message flowing forth. The feeling while it is happening is very strange and nothing like anyone has ever experienced in the more common modalities of the intuitive arts. It is hard to explain. I am sure it is different for everyone, but for me it is a feeling of presence behind and above my head which builds in pressure at the back of my head. This signal allows me to prepare to “open” for the transmission which most of the time I can hear and am fully aware of what is going on during the channeling. I chalk this up to my reluctance to give up complete control of my body and faculties to the entity, and maybe one day soon I can get past that insecurity. That being said, the entities work with me. They are loving and understand my apprehension at letting them drive. So, they let me keep my hands upon the steering wheel, never once complaining. 🙂

The point of this message here today is to remind everyone who takes stock in other worldly messages from beyond moving through human beings is to make sure to keep it humble. Remember who gives us life. Honour the Divine in all things. And only give credit where credit is due. This way a delicate balance is kept and the way is opened for more blessings to enter our lives. I am not special. It has taken a good long while to get to this point in my life. It was not easy. For I am just a human being after all…

Twenty One Questions…Spells & Spell Work

Posted on 7/6/2015 at 10:03:13 PM

Dear Ms. Gypsy, Recently a friend of mine asked if you would do a spell for her to get her boyfriend back. You turned her down. I think that is rude. Can you please explain why? Thanks. ~ Rebecca A.

Thank you, Rebecca, for your question. The reasons that I do not do spells for others are many, but not meant to be exclusive towards any one individual or specific group. The simple answer is that I don’t do spell work for anyone other than myself, and feel that for spell work to be really effective and meaningful, each individual that is looking for results through such means really must put their own hands and energy signature on their own work. This way they have their hands upon their own destiny and can weave their own energy into the work and everything else concerning whatever it specifically that they are trying to accomplish. In doing so they begin the very satisfying journey into their very own magical traditions.

For me to do spell work for another is like asking for me to brush someone else’s teeth by brushing my own. Without having a direct stake in the issue, the mingling of my energy into the working, as well as having the work mingle within my own energy skews the results for the work as well as causing me to take on the energetic elements of the situation…something I do not wish to carry around. No matter how good a person is at getting rid of unwanted energy, there is always a small bit of it that clings. Such attachments can have long range implications towards the practitioner that can swing both ways, both good and bad. Be that as it may, it is not a good thing…sharing that karmic toothbrush.  That is why I do not offer spell work as a service or favour for third parties.

What I do offer, however, are instructional sessions for a very small fee that teach how to do the spell work for one’s own self. The benefits of such a service are many. First off, when one sets about looking for someone to do spell work for a third party, it is very hard to find someone reputable. The world is full of fraudsters who are looking to pray on desperate souls who are looking for a quick fix for their problems. Seekers such as these  will tend to be impatient and in a hurry for results. When this happens, the chances of getting ripped off are so great as to have it become the norm instead of the exception. When one does their own workings, they are forced to slow down and think about what it is that they are trying to accomplish, thus adding strength and determination into the energy of the work and therefore increasing the chances for success.

Next, there is the “quick fix” tendencies and attitude some folks have concerning energy work in general. Some believe that spell work is like Hogwarts, that all one has to do is wave a magic wand, say a rhyme and *pooF* – it happens. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Energy work is subtle by nature and governed by the will of the Divine. We lend our energy and desire, blending it into the mix to encourage a natural outcome that benefits our lives and the lives of others in a certain way. If this work is of a positive nature, then it is a win-win situation that is a delight to behold. On the other hand, if it is a negative result that one is seeking, this can have implications that reach farther into personal uncharted territory than one may wish to travel. One might use the excuse such as “Oh, I don’t have the patience” or “you are so much better at it than I am” or “I don’t know what I am doing. You do it for me.” and they throw money at it expecting to have all of their wishes and dreams come true without lifting a finger on their own behalf. This sort of occult flavoured entitlement goes against everything that energy work stands for. Ever herb, every stone, every effigy, every flame, every word, every utterance, every thought has a life of it’s own thus having possession of a dignity that demands a certain kind of respect in and of itself. Working with spirit is an honour, not a right owed to anyone. Compliance from the spirits of these or any particular energy is earned through honour and respect. So, perhaps the reason someone is not successful at working with energies is because of the fact that they are simply not worthy. True, persons who are worthy can hire themselves out to get things done for others. And that is up to them to decide whether that is something in which they want to take on in this life. And I do not judge or fault them for it at all. But I can guarantee that a little bit of it stays with them for a little while or longer, sometimes even forever.  If they feel comfortable with that then more power to them. I simply choose not to take on the weight of the world in such a fashion.

It is amusing to me when people come to me and confide under their breath that they are positive that someone has cursed them, thrown a root or done some other dastardly deed to curse their lives…usually an ex girlfriend, an ex mother-in-law or some other such nefarious person. It just shows me how vulnerable and uneducated they are where spell work is concerned. In the same manner as their “drive-thru fast food” spell casting requests and desires are expressed, now, too, they have projected that very same attitude onto their supposed enemy, usually through the powers of suggestion used by unscrupulous fakes within the magical community. We’ve all heard the scam. “Oh dear! You have had a curse upon you from birth! You are a very special person! Your mother was visited by the Devil when she was pregnant for you and now he is following you around for your whole life! Only I can lift this curse from you! For <insert outrageous unGodly amount of money amount here> I can rid you of this horrible curse yadda yadda yadda…blah blah blah…”  (Yes. I hear this all the time from my clients. This is the most common psychic scam out there…) The truth of the matter is this: it takes time to do spell work and a dedication that is rarely the case where ex’s are concerned. They would have to invest many hours and days – even months and years – and lots and lots of money with a reputable and honest worker to achieve the results attributed to what is usually a simple run of bad luck or just everyday happenings throughout the course of one’s days. The bottom line is that the probability of having a curse put upon you is next to nil. The truth is that the chances are that whoever one’s perceived enemies are they probably have forgot about the whole thing and have moved on with their lives. The only one still harbouring resentment, fear or foreboding is the one looking for the quick fix spell work. It’s a vicious cycle…

Finally…it is with this philosophy that I was raised, that we do our own work for ourselves. This is the way my tradition was handed down to me from generation to generation. If one prefers to seek someone to do their work then so be it. I wish them all the luck and blessings in their endeavor. But please, please do not be angry at me for not wanting to turn against my own belief and traditions to satisfy a client or for lucrative financial gain. I would hope to at least be afforded that little bit of respect for my own personal decisions where my own spiritual pathway leads.

So, if ever your friend wants to learn how to do his or her own energy workings, please have them get in touch! I would be more than happy to help them acquire and cultivate the power that they need to nurture their energy to make good things happen in their life. All one has to do is ask to receive special spiritual bounty…


Twenty One Questions: Oracle vs. Tarot…

Posted on 6/22/2015 at 7:25:08 PM

“Dear Gypsy, I was wondering. What do you think about oracle cards vs. tarot cards? Is one better than another? What do you prefer?” ~ Wanda L.

Those are very good questions!

I prefer Tarot, but have many oracle decks in my vast collection. I love to play and experiment with all sorts of cards and decks. That being said, my least favourite are those cards that have the meanings printed right there upon them, as I feel it hinders free thought, spontaneous intuition and unadulterated first impressions. The traditional Lenormand is my very favourite oracle, as it has a direct link to history which lends to it’s mysticism. This falls into direct line with my thoughts and feelings about the Tarot – the older the better, the traditional Rider-Waite being the go to deck for me and all things divination. Not that I won’t purchase and explore new decks. I just find that I can be very picky about which decks I like and catch my fancy. The key is to work with tools that expand your intuitive abilities and stimulate the psychic mind. Anything else, to me, is sort of a waste of time.

Everyone is different. Some people are turned on by colours. Others go for realism. Still others are into heavy symbolism within the images. Some are pulled toward the feel or size of the cards themselves, while still others are drawn to particular artistic styles ie. fantasy, religion, mythology, history. My advice to you and to anyone who comes to me with the question of how to explore and choose decks without going broke in the process is to do web searches under the images tab in Google. Read reviews and keep asking questions. With decks starting at around $20 each, one can invest quite a bit of money into decks. And it is no fun to get stuck with a mediocre or ho-hum set of cards that leave you feeling let down and unstimulated after departing with your hard earned money.

These days folks are churning out decks right and left covering everything from poo to baseball to Buffy to Hello Kitty. (No…I am not kidding! 😉 ) Pay attention to card size, material and how the deck is packaged. You may find that certain publisher’s decks all have the same quality – for better or worse – that may be a good or not so good thing. For instance, some deck publishers use inferior paper. Some may be flimsy and bend too easily to be comfortable to handle without fear of damaging the investment, while others make cards so stiff they are uncomfortable to work with. Some have artwork that is cartoonish or inferior, which also lends to the way the images can trigger responses in a negative way. It is a wise reader who does his or her homework before making that final decision.But even then, with these factors woven in, one won’t know for sure how one will feel about the deck until they have it resting in their hot little hands! (And I do love putting my hands on a brand new deck of cards, don’t you? 🙂 )  In the end….Tarot or oracle…what matters is how they make you feel when you look at them. After that, nothing else really matters…


Ten Years Ago Yesterday…

Posted on 6/2/2015 at 2:24:50 AM

It hardly seems possible. It seems like only yesterday that she was still with us. And I catch myself still reaching to pick up the phone to give her a call…

On May 31, 2005, the one person that I knew longer than anyone else on the planet, left for a better life in a brand new world free from pain and troubles and disease. She, along with my dad, wore big shoes. And when he went on ahead of her back in 1987, she was given the task of wearing both pairs which she did with aplomb. An inspiration to all who knew her, she was the rock of our whole family for decades. Loving life and with a never say never attitude, my mom set goals and attained them all throughout her life. She even made the difficult look easy! She was a tough act to follow and set the bar high… which made everyone who knew and loved her a better person for it. A fighter all the way to the end, I hope to grow up to be half the woman she is. I know she will be with me, even now, every step of the way.

Every now and then I will catch the drift of lilacs and cigarette smoke floating faintly on the air and I know it is her saying “hello” and watching over me. And even though she resides in a higher, loftier dimension from this one, I know that she is always there for me and her grand kids and her great granddaughter…if only we just reach out to her with our thoughts and prayers. Still she keeps me strong through the highs and lows of life. One day again we shall be together to laugh and chat as we used to. But for now, I have faith that she is with me in spirit, watching out for me, sharing my victories, propping me up when I need it, cheering me on even now.

Thank you, Mom. I love you…Mom...

Twenty One Questions…Gifted Tarot Decks…

Posted on 5/19/2015 at 12:30:15 AM

Howdy, Miss Gypsy! I have a burning question. My mom told me once that it was bad luck to buy your own tarot deck, that it had to be given as a gift to the reader in order for it to work. She said that if a person was to buy their own it would rob them of their powers. Is that true? …Jacki W.

That’s a good and honest question that I have heard so many times over the years. I am of a notion that your mom was just trying to make it harder for you to dabble in the art of Tarot reading, as this is a rumor with no merit whatsoever.

Here’s a really good link that explains some of the reasons for this “urban legend” at Aeclectic Tarot.Friends...

Sometimes I wonder…is it that the person has a deep yearning to explore the cards, feeling the pull but afraid to endeavor, so they use this myth as an excuse to not journey forward with any further exploration? Perhaps they are afraid of what they may uncover, not about the outer world so much as the inner world within themselves. Or maybe there is a more simple and practical reason such as they are just too cheap to fork out the money for a deck, thinking if it wasn’t their cup o’ tea that they would be out the money and stuck with a deck they will never use. Could it be that the fear of the unknown is just too much for them to bear? Whatever the reason, there is no bearing to this superstition. Back in the early 20th century a great deal of fear was still attached itself to the Tarot thanks to superstitions surrounding witchcraft, satanism and the dark arts, to name a few. All it takes is one scraggly old witch to be throwing cards around willy nilly for the rumour mills to get all fired up starting the conspiracy stories to flying! 😉  I would hope that as of the 21st century we as a civilization would be well beyond all of that nonsense. The best thing to do is educate and set a positive example to the young ones, letting them know that it really is ok to explore one’s own psychic gifts and talents. At least we have grown past being burned at the stake for our beliefs…well, in America, anyways.

I can tell you this for sure…if I had waited for someone to have gifted a deck to me all those years ago, it would have been forever before I would have ever set eyes on my very own 78 Friends. Over the years I have been gifted a deck or two, but one woman’s treasure can often be another woman’s folly. I hold gifted decks in high esteem for their sentimental value mostly; I prefer to choose my own deck, however. It really is that personal to me and I am sure many others who take their craft with any degree of seriousness.

My advice to you is to…Take the plunge! Do your research and find your perfect deck. Then dive in! Savour every line, every colour, every nuance. Choose your deck carefully and wisely. If it doesn’t resonate, then pass it on with no strings attached. One never knows. And there really is no reason to wait…

Twenty One Questions: Tarot Spreads…

Posted on 5/15/2015 at 6:06:20 PM

“Good morning, Gypsy! I have a question that I hope you will be able to help me with. It’s about tarot spreads. I am so confused! I have read books and watched other readers, all to no avail. Spreads leave me feeling bewildered in that I have a hard time trying to keep all the designations and positions straight in my mind. It turns tarot reading from being fun into being a major pain in my backside. Help!” ~ Terri A.

Seriously, I know exactly how you feel. Early on in the beginning of my Tarot journeys, I too felt a bit overwhelmed about spreads. It seemed that everyone had their own way of laying out the cards, adding to that the impression – sometimes quite aggressively, I might add! – that their way was the only way to do it, leaving me feeling more than a little. Then it dawned on me. Tarot doesn’t have to be defined by someone else’s rules. In fact, the whole function of the Tarot is as a tool to access higher realms of consciousness and communication with the world of Spirit and Higher Self. What difference does it make how one gets there. And so it goes. It was in those early days that I discovered that I was the master of my own Tarot ship and the Captain of that journey. So, I decided to invent my own spreads…ones that made the most sense to me, ones that resonated with my own psyche, ones that helped me to achieve the best and most efficient way of communication with the places and beings that I needed to engage in the best interests of my clients as well as myself. And the rest is history…

My advice to you is to play with the way you lay out the cards in such a way as has the most meaning for you. It could involve numbers of cards pulled, the shape of the spread, or even the style of what I call “winging it”…that is, letting Spirit suggest the ways and means of the way you lay out the images before you. Let Spirit move you. I do a mixture of both. When reading for clients, I normally use a set formula for spreads in order to keep it fair among all my clientele so that everyone receives the same type of spread energy. But once in a while, Spirit will suggest a deviation from the norm to achieve better results in any particular situation or reading. I am always open to Spirit for such proddings and follow in kind. (After all, the first rule of the psychic arts is to never second guess yourself or Spirit.) And then during almost all of my own personal self readings, I let Spirit guide me as to the type of spread I use on any given day. It all just depends on what They feel is right for me on that day, at that moment. Getting to this place with Spirit, of course, takes practice and time, so be patient with Spirit and yourself while walking the path in this way.

Bottom line is this: go with what you feel is right. If certain traditional spreads resonate with you more or the discipline of using pre-made spreads gives you more control or a greater sense of accomplishment in your reading, or better results for you and your client over all, then most definitely go with those. If, on the other hand, you feel confused or tied down by a divinitory dogma that doesn’t seem to jibe or suit your style or purpose, then by all means let those creative juices flow! The rule here is this…there just ain’t no rules when it comes to Tarot spreads. Your question is a viable one, to be sure. Hope this helps. 🙂

Tarot Spreads...

Twenty One Questions: Reading the Tarot…

Posted on 4/15/2015 at 8:42:53 PM

Tarot Reader...Hey Gypsy! I have a quick question. I have been interested in reading cards – especially the tarot – for a couple of years now. Not knowing where to start, I have picked up a few books to try and learn how to read them. Nothing seems to work. Try as I might, I simply have no luck in memorizing the meanings. I get so frustrated. This seems to be more work that it’s worth. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you in advance! ~ Mary H.

This is an excellent question! I will tell you exactly what I tell my other students…take the LWB (Little White Book…the little info pamphlet that comes with tarot decks these days) and put it in a drawer somewhere. Pay it no mind. And the reason that I say this is because while the LWB is an excellent source for gaining insight into what the original author of the deck had in mind when creating the beautiful work of art that is a Tarot deck, it is just one of many insights that can be had by any one person when experiencing the deck in question. Even then, one person can have varying interpretations of the images from reading to reading with no two readings of the same card duplicating itself from one reading to the next.

The key is to surrender yourself to the image. Relax your mind…soften your vision…and let go of the hold the physical world has on you at the moment. Release yourself and become one with the image. Drift into it psychically. You will know that you are successful when you will feel somewhat detached from this world and begin floating psychically into the next. When this happens you will sense that you are just a little bit beside yourself or a little bit outside of yourself…like your mind is floating around somewhere outside of your head. This feels weird when you first experience it, but the more you practice, the more comfortable it becomes. Soon you will find that you can weave in and out of this trance and flow state. This special feeling will also confirm that you are connecting with other realms of being and consciousness, thus validating the process for you. Some days may prove more fruitful than others, so please do not become discouraged if one day you slip right into the groove while other days it seems more of a chore or difficult to concentrate. This is normal and is determined by fatigue and stress levels of any given day. Don’t push it. Just try again tomorrow or after the stresses of daily life have passed. You will learn how to pace yourself as time goes on. Practice makes perfect.

The next thing I suggest is to do what I like to call Tarot Journaling. Find a first deck that you feel drawn to. (You can do this with any deck in the future, but for the time being, choose a beginner deck that you feel most comfortable with. My favourite for this is the Traditional Rider-Waite. You will find Tarot decks fall into two categories…traditional Rider-Waite style and the non-traditional styles. This does not include oracle decks which are a whole other thing. Perhaps another question to tackle soon in this series!) Go get yourself a spiral notebook or journal that you can write in comfortably. For the next 78 days you will be doing this exercise in two parts…once in the morning and once in the evening. After perusing your deck in a casual manner, take your deck and shuffle it thoroughly. Lay the deck face down. Draw the top card. Which one did you pull? At the top of the page write the name of the card. Below that write about the card – anything that comes to mind. Take in the colour, the symbols, the numbers along with the way this card makes you feel intellectually, emotionally and physically. Anything that comes to mind, write it down. You may even draw the card if you are so inclined, or maybe even print out from the interwebz small graphics of the images and affix them to the page…anything to make connecting with the image easier.

Once you have written all that you can about the image, set it up in a sacred space or on a table top where it won’t be disturbed during the day. Close your journal and commence to go about your day keeping in mind the card that you pulled that morning. As the day begins to wind down, take up your journal again. Write about anything that you experienced during the course of your wanderings that reminded you of that  card. Did a situation arise that reminded you of the card? Maybe you ran into someone that reminded you of a character depicted in the image? Possibly something happened that caused you to feel the same feeling that the card invoked in you that morning? Anything and everything…write it down. When you feel there is just nothing more to write, turn to that LWB and see what the author of the deck had in mind. Jot a few notes about that, but do not focus too heavily on their interpretations. What matters it what you felt and what you experienced. That is where you begin to make a true connection with the cards. This is your own personal psychic connection with them.

On the following day, lay the card from the day before face up in a separate pile. This is your cast off pile. This way you won’t pull the same card twice. After 78 days, your drawing pile will be empty and your cast off pile will be full. Now you will find that you have 78 new very dear friends within a deck that you know intimately and personally.

Your next exercise is to pull a card of the day for yourself and to read for yourself every day in much the same manner as you did for the journaling exercise, but this time you won’t be writing it down. What you want to do now  is to try to remember without writing or reading. Soften yourself, pull a card at random, take it in and then set it in your sacred space. Go through the day remembering the image and reflect on what it means. Whenever something happens throughout the day make a mental note of it. At the end of the day take the card and regard it again. Finally, slip it back into the deck in a random spot then shuffle. Now you will be ready for the next day, and so on. By making yourself familiar with your tools…in this case, your tarot deck…you will be taking the first steps at opening up psychically while making a deeply personal connection with your intuitive self. These are the key components to psychic ability. The Tarot is not the doorway, as some highly superstitions, misinformed and misguided folks may believe. You are the doorway. Tarot is the tool, the thing that unlocks your intuitive abilities. And while tarot is a very powerful tool for doing so, it is YOU that have the real power…the power of seeing, of knowing and of using that power to help those that need it most in a most honourable way.

I can hear it now, the next question:  Isn’t it bad luck to read for one’s self?  In a word…no. It is not. In true RuPaul fashion, all I have to say is this… How the hell can you read for someone else if you can’t read for yourself? Can I get an amen up in here?     🙂

Twenty One Questions: Mediumship Part Too…

Posted on 4/3/2015 at 12:00:37 AM

In reference to the preceding question, are you saying that if one is not born with the gift of mediumship that the average shmoe cannot communicate with the dead? Is it hopeless?

…Diane I.

That isn’t what I mean at all. Just because someone cannot see or hear the dead does not mean that the dead cannot see or hear you. Communication from them to us is not the whole point in most cases. Anyone can open up the channel between ourselves and the spirit world. When you expect some sort of compensation in the form of a condition when talking to the deceased, then it becomes a situation where the living is wanting some sort of gratification. This is where a lot of folks become disillusioned, disappointed and bored with the whole thing. And why is this? Could it be that they want to connect with the dead for some sort of entertainment or to make themselves feel important? Motive in this type of endeavor is very important. So, if one sets out from the very beginning with no expectations except for to put their departed loved on at ease, then success will be much more likely than if one does it just for the thrill of it all.

The deceased really like to be remembered. They love sacred spaces set up in our private places so as to have a zone of their own to settle their energy within your own space. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. The usual items to be found in an ancestral sacred space is usually a photo or likeness of the person who has transitioned, a candle and a place for an offering, such as a plate for favourite foods, a vase for flowers or a spot for trinkets that they liked in life. Think shells, rocks, books, keepsakes and the like. Depending on each one’s religious leanings…both the person on this side putting together the space and the decease’s  preferences…religious items can be added as well. The sky is the limit and there really is no hard rules when putting together an ancestral space. Just use common sense and work from the heart.

Whispers, prayers, conversations, regards, notes and letters…they all matter to the dead. There was a philosophy between my kin that went like this… “Whenever we mention the name of a departed loved one that person knows they are remembered and can actually feel the sentiment behind the memory.”   So, do not be shy about it. In ancient times, the deceased were embalmed and kept with their families for a very long time and treated as if they were still alive and contributing to the family in a very real physical way. (Yeah…that had to be very weird, huh?) We actually don’t have to go that far to include them. Just give them a little space where they can “live” within your space and you will have their ear and access to them in a very real way whenever the “spirit” moves.

I guess what it boils down to is motive. What are the reasons one wants to communicate with the dearly departed? If it is ego centered and for their own personal gratification, one should look elsewhere for such kinds of entertainment. But if someone is sincere in wanting to put the dead at ease, help them to transition in a smooth and peaceful way, and honour them in the best way possible, they should try not to focus on proof or physical results, but instead concentrate on helping the dead in a most giving and unselfish manner. That is when we may finally notice a sign…a supernatural signal…that can only be earned by sincere love and wanting to serve the departed in a pure and honourable way. Because that is the key to mediumship in the first place…a pure and open heart filled with love and giving in a most unselfish and charitable manner.