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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted on 2/14/2012 at 5:08:18 AM

The Lovers ~ Stella's Simple Tarot

The Lovers ~ Stella's Simple Tarot

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! It has been too long since I have posted to my blog, and for this I extend many heartfelt and sincere apologies. I have been very busy of late and find it hard to keep up with everything, but here I am, trying nonetheless! There have been some very positive and happy and rewarding endeavors to occupy my time – an ever increasing client base of beautiful people for whom I give readings, a new Flea Market store where i sell goods and sundry wares to the folks of the area who are in need of New Age and Spiritual offerings, and more time devoted to my writing efforts in an attempt to get a book done, which has been a passion of mine for many years. So far, 2012 has proved to be an amazing year and it just keeps getting better with each passing day! We are blessed with good energy and prosperity an for this we are extremely happy! Many thanks to all our family, friends and fans for making our lives bright and happy! We could not do it without you!!!

…just a few updates: My Green Dolphin Street pub…the best and most favourite of St. Augustine…has been devoured by Meehan’s and renamed “Meehan’s Backyard”. Feh. I am disappointed, but can imagine that the take over was a result of hard times hitting my dear and beloved Green Dolphin Street. They have a hoity toity menu now, way over priced, and are catered to by Meehan’s. Needless to say…things are just not the same down at the “Street”. Fare Thee well, old friend…

Next up: I have decided to switch the newsletter from monthly to quarterly, as I have not been able to find the time to devote to the newsletter as I did in more leisurely times. The next issue will be out on the Spring Equinox and promises to be chock full of stuff, so please be sure to watch for it if you subscribe, or get signed up so as to not miss a beat. There will be some happy surprises and format changes that I know you will really like, as Rocky Squirrel would say! 

Well, that is all the news for now. Keep watch for other announcements and such in the coming days! In the meantime…wishing everyone a beautiful Valentine’s Day with plenty of hearts and kisses! xoxox

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