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Goodbye, Martha Stewart…

Posted on 3/7/2013 at 6:59:01 PM

OstaraBack in the mid ’90’s I stumbled upon a nifty little web site authored by Martha Stewart, I can’t remember the name of the site, but I do remember it was all about crafting, farming, cooking and such things that I loved to do at the time…and still. It was an awesome resource for young moms like myself and I enjoyed the grass roots feel and down-to-earth flavor of the site.

A few years passed and I then discovered Martha Stewart Living magazine. My husband and I had just bought our first home together, and this publication – along with HGTV, Martha Stewart Living television program, and other home centered media – was heaven for me. Chock full of ideas that home owners could utilize in their lives was a dream come true! I was a happy little camper.

That was then. This is now.

I have noticed how the Martha Stewart Living magazine has devolved over the past few years, from a resource for folks all over the country looking for unique ways to make their lives more personal and self-authored. Now, it seems to me that the publication has become on huge bragging session for Ms. Stewart and her groupie employees and hangers-on. There is nothing unique or affordable about what is in between the pages. I am sick to death of hearing what Kevin Sharky is collecting at this moment in time, or how we can pick up a $2500 lampshade at Macy’s. Her calendar is a joke…she doesn’t actually DO any of those menial tasks that she lists on there, does she? I can imagine that she has someone to do the labor around one of her many mansions.  And what really kills me is the way they invent things to trend set just by featuring them in the rag. Next thing you know, dirt sandwiches will be all the rage. Recipe, anyone? 8^P

Let’s get real. The economy has tanked. We are all pretty much either rich or poor in this society. And Martha has lost her grip on reality. I guess if I were  a Kardashian or some other sort of that nature, then Martha and I could be best buds. But the way the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer…I am thinking that MSO needs to get a clue.

But that’s not all…

Add in the little nuances: an article a few months back about the wonders of taxidermy and how cute the old stuffed and rotting, moth eaten heads of innocent creatures were so chic looking in the home! …a baby house for her grandkids…painted gray…everything painted gray…GRAY! and recipes for dishes that look bad and taste even worse…well…I guess anyone could just about stick a FORK IN ME RIGHT NOW! Cuz this girl has jumped off the Martha bandwagon…never to return…and will never look back…

I bet you are asking yourself, “…why is the Gypsy so bitter?” Well…it’s not bitter. It’s butter, darling…

This is the deal: the times have changed and so have I. I have seen my clients go from happy folks to scared and panic mode for the simple fact that Wall Street and their ilk have horded the prosperity and the effect has tricked down. My dad used to say that the “doo doo” rolls down hill. We live in a caste system in this country, whether we realize it or not. One either lives at the top of the hill or the bottom. There is no in between anymore. MSO is proof of that, as are other things that are shoved into our faces disguised as something else. I talk to people every day who are freaked out for being out of work, using up their life savings to survive and are sitting on the edge of a disastrous personal cliff because they are failing at the “American Dream”. What they don’t seem to see is that this is happening everywhere and not just to them. Lots and lots of people are waking up to realize that this is not out parent’s world any longer. We have to stand up and be different. We have to reinvent ourselves and the way we live…first, in how we consume; second, in how we look at each other;  third, in how we live our lives on this planet; and fourth, we must shake off the hypnosis that more and bigger is better. And we must all realize that we are not failing. We can live through anything as long as we have faith in ourselves and our families and our neighbors and recognize that we are not alone in this. Not by a long shot. Let’s get back to nature…the real nature. Human nature. Let’s help each other through this. Can ya feel me, Martha?

Goodbye Martha…Hello Mother Earth News!

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