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Free One Card Readings…

Posted on 11/11/2014 at 11:01:01 PM

So…for the majority of my life I have been known to give away free readings of one sort or another. Some find that suspicious, but most find it awesome and helpful. Most of the free readings that I do consist of just one card. I have a few people who have complained about the quantity of the cards offered which to me is a bit rude, but it also tells me that they don’t know much about the Tarot and how it works. I urge these types to just give it a try, as one never knows the volume of information that can be gleaned from “just one card”. Most of the time they are simple blown away by the depth for the experience. This always makes me smile as my goal in offering free one card readings is multi faceted.

TemperanceFirst off, there are many folks out there that have no idea whatsoever exactly what the Tarot is. Most of them cannot even pronounce the word “Tarot” so right away they get an education. Quite a few approach the free reading saying “…oh my! I am scared!” I ask them why? Do they compare a card reading to a root canal, a pap test or a colonoscopy…all things I would have some trepidation approaching. But never would fear a reading in this way and so I get a chance to reassure them and calm their fears.

Then, there is the dreaded Devil, Death, 9 or 10 of Swords that pops up from time to time. The looks of complete and utter horror upon the faces of the person pulling these stigmatized images is almost comical and I have to stifle a smile because I don’t want to appear to be to be cold. But the plain and simple truth of the matter, once explained to them, puts their minds at ease. There is so much misinformation regarding the Tarot that enters their thoughts that they have a hard time figuring out exactly what the card is trying to tell them…change, rebirth, vice, habit, complacency, anxiety…just a few conditions touched upon by these important images that exist within the system that we call “Tarot”…a whole new world opening up to them.

I would be remiss to exclude the religious snobbery that rears its ugly head from time to time. “Do you believe in God?” or “Are you a Devil worshipper?” or “What does the Bible say about this?” are common questions that come before the pulling of the card. The answers “yes, I do” and “no, I don’t” and “Plenty!” are comforting to them, the ensuing explanations setting their minds at ease. After all, we don’t want to consort with the Devil, do we? Too much TV, I explain to them. Don’t believe everything that you see on the toob.

Last, but not least…I just want to help people. I am certainly not in it for the fame, the money and the riches. But I do need to keep my lights on and support my web site as well as my tummy. But fame and fortune are not my goals (as is evident in the charges for my services…which some also suspect. It runs the gamut from “Only the truly gifted never charge for their services” to “Oh, your rates or so cheap. You must not be any good, then.” There’s always someone…). Some find it hard to believe that in this day and age that anything is free, and that there must be a catch or a trick or a hook. I’m sorry to disappoint…but no, actually, I am not. My goal and mission in life is to help others to find peace, calm and healing in their everyday lives. I wish to help them find answers. I want them to live a happy and healthy life. I long to educate others regarding what the Tarot really is and that anyone can use it to positively accent their lives and help to make the healthy changes that set one upon a path of wellness of body, mind and spirit. Plain and simple…

So, don’t be afraid to request a free one card reading. It is fun, productive and interesting! No strings, I promise… 🙂

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