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Conjure Secrets…Gypsy Style!

Posted on 11/4/2014 at 8:43:56 PM

Conjure…conjures up all sorts of things within one’s mind. Usually whoever is attached to that mind sees their pre-conceived notions regarding the practice through a fevered religious  or ethnic hued stained glass of their own choosing. Which is fine. But there is a line drawn that separates the authentic from the fakers. What most folks new to conjure do not realize is that line exists at all. They have to look for it in order to not get all caught up in the place that lives between what is true conjure and what is merely mind control hooey. At the heart of conjure lies three things…

old church1The first is the ancestors…our own and others. It is very important to be able to commune with the ancestors so as to draw from their knowledge and experience. If one does not honour their ancestors during conjure workings then the outcome will probably be less than desirable. Then the question will be…why waste your time?  The key is that connection with them, no matter who they are or where they came from. Whether you are Russian Orthodox or Jewish or Native American or Irish or African or Southern American or Martian or what have you, where your family comes from, who they are, how you were raised and what you believe is at the very heart and core of successful, uplifting, powerful conjure work. There is no market cornered by any ethnic or religious group. So, if someone tells you that then they are full of crap and just wanting to intimidate you or throw you off your own path seeking a magical life. So, if someone tells you to discard what your family has established over tens if not hundreds of years…say “no, thank you” and walk away.

The second thing is tradition. I see it all the time all over the interwebz mostly where each tradition or style of conjure is so busy at trying to corner the market on conjure that they taint their work before they even start. The “my juju is better than your juju because I am (fill in the blank) religion/path/whatever” is an excuse for lack of knowledge and laziness. There is no one true tradition attached to conjure work. And this ties in with the first thing mentioned above…the ancestors. We all want to carry on family traditions be they old family recipes, a certain way to celebrate important days of the year, or unique and unusual routines that are passed down from generation to generation. Some traditions stick for many decades or even centuries. Even new ones come from time to time as each generation is handed the torch of keeping those time honoured  ways. But to throw all those years of experience through the blood, sweat and tears of our beloveds? That would be a Fool’s errand, that. So, if you come across one of these “superior juju” types…show them your backside and walk away.

The third thing is the most important thing…faith. Without faith and belief then one;s conjure will likely be dead or barely breathing. Faith lives through us. Faith is what makes us who we are in the eyes of God or Gods or whomever you pray to. Some so-called conjure folks think that it is they themselves who possess power of strength or whatever it is that makes things work. But that is false and a lie. It is God that has the power. He or She or They are the ones who allow the power force to work through us by our own faith and nothing originates within us. It flows through us by the Grace of the Divine. We are instruments of their love for us. They give us nothing that we don’t deserve or have not earned. So if a conjure “doctor” tells you that he himself – a mere human being – is all mighty and most powerful…walk the other way. He or she is a charlatan and nothing more with delusions of grandeur. Pray for them to see the error of their ways and for them to stay off the path of would-be victims, that those would-be victims be protected from such ignorance.

Once you have these three very important things as the foundation that supports the work beneath you, the path to success in helping yourself and others to heal their lives will be cradled in the palms of your hands. To not have this solid foundation is like building castles in the air. Either they will never materialize or they will fall before you even get started. As long as you have the ancestors, tradition and faith as the staples for your work, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish!

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