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Posted on 7/14/2015 at 7:43:40 PM

While surfing the web the other day, I ran across a web page authored by a fellow intuitive…or so I thought she was. When I first started reading her bio she seemed genuine enough…until I dove in a little bit deeper. That is when I began to sense something was…off..

It seems that she wanted to convince herself and others that she is “special”, that she has power and that she herself can command God and other Higher Beings to do her bidding. She claimed that the vision, insight and intuition was all her, that she alone held the answers. No one else on the planet had the spiritual connections that she had. No one else possessed her power. Imagine the incredulous look that grew upon my face. All I could do is shake my head.

Let me set the record straight. No one on the planet has the power of God. No one holds all of the answers within them. At least from my understanding. I learned from an early age to humble myself, to appreciate the gifts that God has allowed to work through me and others, and to not get too full of myself, else wise I could end up on the wrong side of things. God, the Divine, Higher Beings and the deceased speak through us. We do not and cannot attain the same level without many lifetimes of trial and error and then I have not personally known or seen anyone upon this planet be able to fulfill the giant shoes of such beings. They can indeed speak through us if we allow it, because we all have the freedom of will to accept or decline such communication with Spirit. The Divine simply will not hand the keys of knowledge to just any old intuitive on this globe or any other. And it isn’t as easy as simply pulling a rabbit out of a hat or doing a card trick. Taking many years of application of opening of self and releasing of prohibitive energy, channeling spirit is the way it works. So…if you run into someone who claims to be all that and a bag of chips, please proceed with caution. They are most likely pulling your leg hoping some dollar bills will fall out of your wallet and into their hot little hands.

Channeling is how I receive messages from other places and I use that description very loosely. Every message that flows through has to be discerned before letting the message leave my lips. The cleansing, grounding, centering, opening and letting go of just enough personal energetic control while maintaining a thread of connection with the physical body and mental faculties is not for the faint of heart. For when one channels, they lend their body, in essence moving over while spiritual beings access the faculties of speech, brain waves and feeling that makes for a successful transmission. And whether it is a Higher Being or a deceased loved one, the methods are always the same. The process being much like full blown dreaming while wide awake, varying in different degrees depending on the connection. Some channelings are awake and aware, while others are fully immersed, the channeler not fully aware of the message flowing forth. The feeling while it is happening is very strange and nothing like anyone has ever experienced in the more common modalities of the intuitive arts. It is hard to explain. I am sure it is different for everyone, but for me it is a feeling of presence behind and above my head which builds in pressure at the back of my head. This signal allows me to prepare to “open” for the transmission which most of the time I can hear and am fully aware of what is going on during the channeling. I chalk this up to my reluctance to give up complete control of my body and faculties to the entity, and maybe one day soon I can get past that insecurity. That being said, the entities work with me. They are loving and understand my apprehension at letting them drive. So, they let me keep my hands upon the steering wheel, never once complaining. 🙂

The point of this message here today is to remind everyone who takes stock in other worldly messages from beyond moving through human beings is to make sure to keep it humble. Remember who gives us life. Honour the Divine in all things. And only give credit where credit is due. This way a delicate balance is kept and the way is opened for more blessings to enter our lives. I am not special. It has taken a good long while to get to this point in my life. It was not easy. For I am just a human being after all…

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