The Shop is Moving!

…and it is a good thing!

Just an update about the store. Last weekend was our final weekend at the St. Augustine Market Place. We had a good run there for six long wonderful years! But as we are relocating to Daytona Beach, Florida, we will also be bringing the store with us! If all goes to plan, we will be reopening  around Christmas time, sometime thereabouts. Or at the latest right after the first of the year 2016. We are so excited! I cannot tell you how much!

In the meantime, I wish to thank all of the wonderful clients and customers who have been with us throughout these first years and hope that they will continue to be our patrons. It has been a beautiful surprise to have all the phone calls and messages of support and approval come flooding in at the news of our advancement up and onward to the next level of success! The whole journey has been truly an inspiration!

As the time draws nearer, I will be sending emails, postcards and phone calls to every client and customer with contact information and news. As always, you can drop me a line, respond right here to this post, or call at anytime for further information. I will also be posting our progress right here to share with all of my dear friends, clients and customers so that no one will miss a thing! This really is a most exciting time!

Thank you again, everyone! We love you all! <3

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Shop News!

Oh my Gosh! Putting a store online is time consuming and a slow process…but we are getting there!

No excuses. Just letting you all know that it is still coming along, slowly but surely. And I thank you for your patience.

Watch this spot for further developments as they are made available. And don’t forget to peruse the shop. I am adding things at a regular rate. If there is anything that you are looking for in particular, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at or give me a call. My business number is on the website:

Until next time! 🙂

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