Twenty One Questions…Gifted Tarot Decks…

Howdy, Miss Gypsy! I have a burning question. My mom told me once that it was bad luck to buy your own tarot deck, that it had to be given as a gift to the reader in order for it to work. She said that if a person was to buy their own it would rob them of their powers. Is that true? …Jacki W.

That’s a good and honest question that I have heard so many times over the years. I am of a notion that your mom was just trying to make it harder for you to dabble in the art of Tarot reading, as this is a rumor with no merit whatsoever.

Here’s a really good link that explains some of the reasons for this “urban legend” at Aeclectic Tarot.Friends...

Sometimes I wonder…is it that the person has a deep yearning to explore the cards, feeling the pull but afraid to endeavor, so they use this myth as an excuse to not journey forward with any further exploration? Perhaps they are afraid of what they may uncover, not about the outer world so much as the inner world within themselves. Or maybe there is a more simple and practical reason such as they are just too cheap to fork out the money for a deck, thinking if it wasn’t their cup o’ tea that they would be out the money and stuck with a deck they will never use. Could it be that the fear of the unknown is just too much for them to bear? Whatever the reason, there is no bearing to this superstition. Back in the early 20th century a great deal of fear was still attached itself to the Tarot thanks to superstitions surrounding witchcraft, satanism and the dark arts, to name a few. All it takes is one scraggly old witch to be throwing cards around willy nilly for the rumour mills to get all fired up starting the conspiracy stories to flying! 😉  I would hope that as of the 21st century we as a civilization would be well beyond all of that nonsense. The best thing to do is educate and set a positive example to the young ones, letting them know that it really is ok to explore one’s own psychic gifts and talents. At least we have grown past being burned at the stake for our beliefs…well, in America, anyways.

I can tell you this for sure…if I had waited for someone to have gifted a deck to me all those years ago, it would have been forever before I would have ever set eyes on my very own 78 Friends. Over the years I have been gifted a deck or two, but one woman’s treasure can often be another woman’s folly. I hold gifted decks in high esteem for their sentimental value mostly; I prefer to choose my own deck, however. It really is that personal to me and I am sure many others who take their craft with any degree of seriousness.

My advice to you is to…Take the plunge! Do your research and find your perfect deck. Then dive in! Savour every line, every colour, every nuance. Choose your deck carefully and wisely. If it doesn’t resonate, then pass it on with no strings attached. One never knows. And there really is no reason to wait…

Twenty One Questions: Reading the Tarot…

Tarot Reader...Hey Gypsy! I have a quick question. I have been interested in reading cards – especially the tarot – for a couple of years now. Not knowing where to start, I have picked up a few books to try and learn how to read them. Nothing seems to work. Try as I might, I simply have no luck in memorizing the meanings. I get so frustrated. This seems to be more work that it’s worth. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you in advance! ~ Mary H.

This is an excellent question! I will tell you exactly what I tell my other students…take the LWB (Little White Book…the little info pamphlet that comes with tarot decks these days) and put it in a drawer somewhere. Pay it no mind. And the reason that I say this is because while the LWB is an excellent source for gaining insight into what the original author of the deck had in mind when creating the beautiful work of art that is a Tarot deck, it is just one of many insights that can be had by any one person when experiencing the deck in question. Even then, one person can have varying interpretations of the images from reading to reading with no two readings of the same card duplicating itself from one reading to the next.

The key is to surrender yourself to the image. Relax your mind…soften your vision…and let go of the hold the physical world has on you at the moment. Release yourself and become one with the image. Drift into it psychically. You will know that you are successful when you will feel somewhat detached from this world and begin floating psychically into the next. When this happens you will sense that you are just a little bit beside yourself or a little bit outside of yourself…like your mind is floating around somewhere outside of your head. This feels weird when you first experience it, but the more you practice, the more comfortable it becomes. Soon you will find that you can weave in and out of this trance and flow state. This special feeling will also confirm that you are connecting with other realms of being and consciousness, thus validating the process for you. Some days may prove more fruitful than others, so please do not become discouraged if one day you slip right into the groove while other days it seems more of a chore or difficult to concentrate. This is normal and is determined by fatigue and stress levels of any given day. Don’t push it. Just try again tomorrow or after the stresses of daily life have passed. You will learn how to pace yourself as time goes on. Practice makes perfect.

The next thing I suggest is to do what I like to call Tarot Journaling. Find a first deck that you feel drawn to. (You can do this with any deck in the future, but for the time being, choose a beginner deck that you feel most comfortable with. My favourite for this is the Traditional Rider-Waite. You will find Tarot decks fall into two categories…traditional Rider-Waite style and the non-traditional styles. This does not include oracle decks which are a whole other thing. Perhaps another question to tackle soon in this series!) Go get yourself a spiral notebook or journal that you can write in comfortably. For the next 78 days you will be doing this exercise in two parts…once in the morning and once in the evening. After perusing your deck in a casual manner, take your deck and shuffle it thoroughly. Lay the deck face down. Draw the top card. Which one did you pull? At the top of the page write the name of the card. Below that write about the card – anything that comes to mind. Take in the colour, the symbols, the numbers along with the way this card makes you feel intellectually, emotionally and physically. Anything that comes to mind, write it down. You may even draw the card if you are so inclined, or maybe even print out from the interwebz small graphics of the images and affix them to the page…anything to make connecting with the image easier.

Once you have written all that you can about the image, set it up in a sacred space or on a table top where it won’t be disturbed during the day. Close your journal and commence to go about your day keeping in mind the card that you pulled that morning. As the day begins to wind down, take up your journal again. Write about anything that you experienced during the course of your wanderings that reminded you of that  card. Did a situation arise that reminded you of the card? Maybe you ran into someone that reminded you of a character depicted in the image? Possibly something happened that caused you to feel the same feeling that the card invoked in you that morning? Anything and everything…write it down. When you feel there is just nothing more to write, turn to that LWB and see what the author of the deck had in mind. Jot a few notes about that, but do not focus too heavily on their interpretations. What matters it what you felt and what you experienced. That is where you begin to make a true connection with the cards. This is your own personal psychic connection with them.

On the following day, lay the card from the day before face up in a separate pile. This is your cast off pile. This way you won’t pull the same card twice. After 78 days, your drawing pile will be empty and your cast off pile will be full. Now you will find that you have 78 new very dear friends within a deck that you know intimately and personally.

Your next exercise is to pull a card of the day for yourself and to read for yourself every day in much the same manner as you did for the journaling exercise, but this time you won’t be writing it down. What you want to do now  is to try to remember without writing or reading. Soften yourself, pull a card at random, take it in and then set it in your sacred space. Go through the day remembering the image and reflect on what it means. Whenever something happens throughout the day make a mental note of it. At the end of the day take the card and regard it again. Finally, slip it back into the deck in a random spot then shuffle. Now you will be ready for the next day, and so on. By making yourself familiar with your tools…in this case, your tarot deck…you will be taking the first steps at opening up psychically while making a deeply personal connection with your intuitive self. These are the key components to psychic ability. The Tarot is not the doorway, as some highly superstitions, misinformed and misguided folks may believe. You are the doorway. Tarot is the tool, the thing that unlocks your intuitive abilities. And while tarot is a very powerful tool for doing so, it is YOU that have the real power…the power of seeing, of knowing and of using that power to help those that need it most in a most honourable way.

I can hear it now, the next question:  Isn’t it bad luck to read for one’s self?  In a word…no. It is not. In true RuPaul fashion, all I have to say is this… How the hell can you read for someone else if you can’t read for yourself? Can I get an amen up in here?     🙂

Curses…the Truth…

Ok, here’s the scoop…after receiving a record number of phone calls and visits from clients freaking out and ready to jump from the nearest tall building, I have to say something…again.

Is everybody listening?

You are NOT cursed. You have NOT been cursed from birth. There is NO black cloud hanging over your head or anyone else’s for that matter. There are NO demons attached to you, your kids, your family, your relatives – living or deceased. There is no curse. THERE IS NO CURSE.

The only thing you have been cursed with is having fallen prey to a despicable scammer whom you call thinking they are an honest person when in fact they are not. Sure, they may be able to tell you things about yourself. Not all psychics are honest just as not all of a plethora of other so-called “professionals” out there today are guaranteed to be honest. You have to be discerning. And sometimes one does not even have to be psychic to be able to spot the problems within a person who is just looking for answers to the questions of their lives. The simple fact that you are reaching out to a psychic – a complete stranger – and willing to pay a huge amount of money so that they can tell you what you want to hear is a sure sign that you are in a vulnerable state. People needing answers are often gullible and impatient. They cannot wait to calm down and think about what they are doing. Enter the scammer. He or she can smell you right over the phone.

What to do? First off, take some time to think. Is this really the work of the devil or some unscrupulous in-law? Or are you having what everyone has once in a while…a bad day. Are you frantically flipping through the phone book or screeching across the web at the speed of sound looking at psychic after psychic? Well…stop that. If it is that big of an emergency, chances are that you need another kind of professional….like a doctor or a police officer. Take a deep breath. If it is not a life or death emergency then just sleep on it. And if all else fails and you truly need to consult a psychic, then have one referred from someone you trust. If that is not possible, then take the time to do your homework and check them out thoroughly. If they don’t have a decent web page, if they haven’t been in business long, if they cannot provide references, if they are reluctant to give you their full name, if they have a pirate name like Madam Zorba or Psychic Patty, if they can’t give you one straight fee that is realistic or if your hinky meter is going off at the first sound of their voice…then DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

Plain and simple.

Sure…there are folks out there that specialize in going through the act of “cursing” people for money. And there are others out there that think if they light a candle or swear to the devil that they want someone cursed, uneducated folk think that just because these people engage in such activity that they are successful or even good at what they are doing. This is NOT Hogworts. This is the real world here, folks. The energy is subtle and takes many, many days and months and even years to be shifted into the right directions using metaphysical skills for good or not so good. “Work” has to be carried out on a regular basis. You mother-in-law or ex-husband probably does not have the time, knowledge or skill to every try to pull something like this off. And if they try to hire someone, do you really think that they are going to be willing to pay up the $100’s or even $1000’s of dollars to keep this kind of work going? Because believe me. Going through the process of cursing someone is not an easy deal. Besides, most times, just the mere mention of curses is all that a bitter person has to utter and their victim’s own mind can amplify that suggestion, working that person up into a froth of panic and fear, thus doing all the work for them. C’mon people. Think…

Jesus said…

“As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. And his disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.”~ John 9:1-3

So you see…there is no curse hanging over anyone’s head from birth. We make our own way. We are all born clean and without sin and without curses. We choose the paths in life that we take. No one has control over us with magic and curses like every fraud would have you believe. (Oh were it that easy! The world would be full of lottery winners and have a babe on each arm if it were that easy…)  And sometimes life is not all rainbows and unicorns. But sometimes it is. It just all depends on how you live your life. God gave us free will. We have choices to make. Sometimes our better judgment goes right out the window – we end up in an abusive relationship and we make a call at a vulnerable moment and a scammer sucks us in whole and spits out the bones – but it is up to us to stop and think and use our heads. After getting ripped off by a fraud, we scream to the heavens, “Why me?” But if we don’t stop and take control of our own actions and lives – probably the reason that we are making that call in the first place – then we are just sitting ducks, vulnerable, with “Rip Me Off” tattoos inked across our foreheads.

Remember…take your time. Do some homework. Get references. And above all…you are not cursed. Really, you are not.

I leave you now with a little gift in gratitude for having indulged me in this little rant, which has me sounding like a chastising old grandmother. But I just love you all and want for you all to be happy.

Until next time…

A black cat for Good Luck!

…a black cat for Good Luck!