Twenty One Questions…Spells & Spell Work

Dear Ms. Gypsy, Recently a friend of mine asked if you would do a spell for her to get her boyfriend back. You turned her down. I think that is rude. Can you please explain why? Thanks. ~ Rebecca A.

Thank you, Rebecca, for your question. The reasons that I do not do spells for others are many, but not meant to be exclusive towards any one individual or specific group. The simple answer is that I don’t do spell work for anyone other than myself, and feel that for spell work to be really effective and meaningful, each individual that is looking for results through such means really must put their own hands and energy signature on their own work. This way they have their hands upon their own destiny and can weave their own energy into the work and everything else concerning whatever it specifically that they are trying to accomplish. In doing so they begin the very satisfying journey into their very own magical traditions.

For me to do spell work for another is like asking for me to brush someone else’s teeth by brushing my own. Without having a direct stake in the issue, the mingling of my energy into the working, as well as having the work mingle within my own energy skews the results for the work as well as causing me to take on the energetic elements of the situation…something I do not wish to carry around. No matter how good a person is at getting rid of unwanted energy, there is always a small bit of it that clings. Such attachments can have long range implications towards the practitioner that can swing both ways, both good and bad. Be that as it may, it is not a good thing…sharing that karmic toothbrush.  That is why I do not offer spell work as a service or favour for third parties.

What I do offer, however, are instructional sessions for a very small fee that teach how to do the spell work for one’s own self. The benefits of such a service are many. First off, when one sets about looking for someone to do spell work for a third party, it is very hard to find someone reputable. The world is full of fraudsters who are looking to pray on desperate souls who are looking for a quick fix for their problems. Seekers such as these  will tend to be impatient and in a hurry for results. When this happens, the chances of getting ripped off are so great as to have it become the norm instead of the exception. When one does their own workings, they are forced to slow down and think about what it is that they are trying to accomplish, thus adding strength and determination into the energy of the work and therefore increasing the chances for success.

Next, there is the “quick fix” tendencies and attitude some folks have concerning energy work in general. Some believe that spell work is like Hogwarts, that all one has to do is wave a magic wand, say a rhyme and *pooF* – it happens. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Energy work is subtle by nature and governed by the will of the Divine. We lend our energy and desire, blending it into the mix to encourage a natural outcome that benefits our lives and the lives of others in a certain way. If this work is of a positive nature, then it is a win-win situation that is a delight to behold. On the other hand, if it is a negative result that one is seeking, this can have implications that reach farther into personal uncharted territory than one may wish to travel. One might use the excuse such as “Oh, I don’t have the patience” or “you are so much better at it than I am” or “I don’t know what I am doing. You do it for me.” and they throw money at it expecting to have all of their wishes and dreams come true without lifting a finger on their own behalf. This sort of occult flavoured entitlement goes against everything that energy work stands for. Ever herb, every stone, every effigy, every flame, every word, every utterance, every thought has a life of it’s own thus having possession of a dignity that demands a certain kind of respect in and of itself. Working with spirit is an honour, not a right owed to anyone. Compliance from the spirits of these or any particular energy is earned through honour and respect. So, perhaps the reason someone is not successful at working with energies is because of the fact that they are simply not worthy. True, persons who are worthy can hire themselves out to get things done for others. And that is up to them to decide whether that is something in which they want to take on in this life. And I do not judge or fault them for it at all. But I can guarantee that a little bit of it stays with them for a little while or longer, sometimes even forever.  If they feel comfortable with that then more power to them. I simply choose not to take on the weight of the world in such a fashion.

It is amusing to me when people come to me and confide under their breath that they are positive that someone has cursed them, thrown a root or done some other dastardly deed to curse their lives…usually an ex girlfriend, an ex mother-in-law or some other such nefarious person. It just shows me how vulnerable and uneducated they are where spell work is concerned. In the same manner as their “drive-thru fast food” spell casting requests and desires are expressed, now, too, they have projected that very same attitude onto their supposed enemy, usually through the powers of suggestion used by unscrupulous fakes within the magical community. We’ve all heard the scam. “Oh dear! You have had a curse upon you from birth! You are a very special person! Your mother was visited by the Devil when she was pregnant for you and now he is following you around for your whole life! Only I can lift this curse from you! For <insert outrageous unGodly amount of money amount here> I can rid you of this horrible curse yadda yadda yadda…blah blah blah…”  (Yes. I hear this all the time from my clients. This is the most common psychic scam out there…) The truth of the matter is this: it takes time to do spell work and a dedication that is rarely the case where ex’s are concerned. They would have to invest many hours and days – even months and years – and lots and lots of money with a reputable and honest worker to achieve the results attributed to what is usually a simple run of bad luck or just everyday happenings throughout the course of one’s days. The bottom line is that the probability of having a curse put upon you is next to nil. The truth is that the chances are that whoever one’s perceived enemies are they probably have forgot about the whole thing and have moved on with their lives. The only one still harbouring resentment, fear or foreboding is the one looking for the quick fix spell work. It’s a vicious cycle…

Finally…it is with this philosophy that I was raised, that we do our own work for ourselves. This is the way my tradition was handed down to me from generation to generation. If one prefers to seek someone to do their work then so be it. I wish them all the luck and blessings in their endeavor. But please, please do not be angry at me for not wanting to turn against my own belief and traditions to satisfy a client or for lucrative financial gain. I would hope to at least be afforded that little bit of respect for my own personal decisions where my own spiritual pathway leads.

So, if ever your friend wants to learn how to do his or her own energy workings, please have them get in touch! I would be more than happy to help them acquire and cultivate the power that they need to nurture their energy to make good things happen in their life. All one has to do is ask to receive special spiritual bounty…


Conjure Secrets…Gypsy Style!

Conjure…conjures up all sorts of things within one’s mind. Usually whoever is attached to that mind sees their pre-conceived notions regarding the practice through a fevered religious  or ethnic hued stained glass of their own choosing. Which is fine. But there is a line drawn that separates the authentic from the fakers. What most folks new to conjure do not realize is that line exists at all. They have to look for it in order to not get all caught up in the place that lives between what is true conjure and what is merely mind control hooey. At the heart of conjure lies three things…

old church1The first is the ancestors…our own and others. It is very important to be able to commune with the ancestors so as to draw from their knowledge and experience. If one does not honour their ancestors during conjure workings then the outcome will probably be less than desirable. Then the question will be…why waste your time?  The key is that connection with them, no matter who they are or where they came from. Whether you are Russian Orthodox or Jewish or Native American or Irish or African or Southern American or Martian or what have you, where your family comes from, who they are, how you were raised and what you believe is at the very heart and core of successful, uplifting, powerful conjure work. There is no market cornered by any ethnic or religious group. So, if someone tells you that then they are full of crap and just wanting to intimidate you or throw you off your own path seeking a magical life. So, if someone tells you to discard what your family has established over tens if not hundreds of years…say “no, thank you” and walk away.

The second thing is tradition. I see it all the time all over the interwebz mostly where each tradition or style of conjure is so busy at trying to corner the market on conjure that they taint their work before they even start. The “my juju is better than your juju because I am (fill in the blank) religion/path/whatever” is an excuse for lack of knowledge and laziness. There is no one true tradition attached to conjure work. And this ties in with the first thing mentioned above…the ancestors. We all want to carry on family traditions be they old family recipes, a certain way to celebrate important days of the year, or unique and unusual routines that are passed down from generation to generation. Some traditions stick for many decades or even centuries. Even new ones come from time to time as each generation is handed the torch of keeping those time honoured  ways. But to throw all those years of experience through the blood, sweat and tears of our beloveds? That would be a Fool’s errand, that. So, if you come across one of these “superior juju” types…show them your backside and walk away.

The third thing is the most important thing…faith. Without faith and belief then one;s conjure will likely be dead or barely breathing. Faith lives through us. Faith is what makes us who we are in the eyes of God or Gods or whomever you pray to. Some so-called conjure folks think that it is they themselves who possess power of strength or whatever it is that makes things work. But that is false and a lie. It is God that has the power. He or She or They are the ones who allow the power force to work through us by our own faith and nothing originates within us. It flows through us by the Grace of the Divine. We are instruments of their love for us. They give us nothing that we don’t deserve or have not earned. So if a conjure “doctor” tells you that he himself – a mere human being – is all mighty and most powerful…walk the other way. He or she is a charlatan and nothing more with delusions of grandeur. Pray for them to see the error of their ways and for them to stay off the path of would-be victims, that those would-be victims be protected from such ignorance.

Once you have these three very important things as the foundation that supports the work beneath you, the path to success in helping yourself and others to heal their lives will be cradled in the palms of your hands. To not have this solid foundation is like building castles in the air. Either they will never materialize or they will fall before you even get started. As long as you have the ancestors, tradition and faith as the staples for your work, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish!