Update on the Skelton Brothers Case…

It has been a little over 2 years since these darling little boys disappeared from their Morenci home. I would love to say that there have been new developments but the sad, painful truth of it is that there really is no new news about these kids…where they are, if they live and who is responsible for their disappearance. Like I have mentioned before in a previous posting, I have my own feelings and impressions. The family keeps up hope that they are still alive and if I was them that is what I would be doing, too.

There is a new web site for them: http://www.skeltonbrothers.org/

I urge anyone who has any information whatsoever to contact the authorities. It would be wonderful to be able to give this family some peace…one way or another…

Until that time, let’s hold these little guys high in prayer, as well as their families. Let’s pray that a resolution comes about soon for everyone’s sake…

The Michael Jackson Trial…

Try as I might to resist commenting on this casel, I just cannot help it. For whatever Michael Jackson might or might not have been, he was first and foremost a human being. His doctor, Conrad Murray, was in charge of his care. It seems to me that Dr. Murray got himself caught up into something that got out of his control, causing him to lose sight of hsi responsibilities as a physician.

Michael JacksonAnd that’s my point. Most Americans know that the medical association and the pharmaceutical companies have us by the throat and wield way too much power. The only people in this country that can get any sort of health care without rendering them bankrupt are the rich and sometimes famous. Dr. Murray, in my opinion is a poster child for the *real* medical professional in this country, and while it is true that there are some honourable physicians out there, they are few and far between. Whike I won’t go into some of my own personal medical horror stories lived while dealing with doctors both while I had insurance and when I did not, suffice it to say, many of you reading this right now know exactly what I am talking about. Dr. Murray was swayed by the money and it blinded him to his moral and professional ethics. Yes, he is human too, but being a physician is his job for which he is licenced by the government which is supposed to be an affidavit testifying to his professionalism and his quality and ability to do his job. Doctors are no better than the corner mechanic these days. There are good ones and there are some bad ones. But, we are not dealing with a pick up truck here. We are dealing with lives. And that should mean something.

I won’t go into the whole political rant here, either. I will save that for some other day. let’s just say that no matter who Michael Jackson was, at the very least he was and is a victim in so many ways. A victim of himself, his addictions, and a victim of the times…which haven’t changed a whole lot in the past 50 years or so. Remember Janis? Jimmy? Kurt? Amy? The list goes on and on. That is what is sad, my friends. The fact that these folks wasted their lives and were dupped by everyone…including themselves.

Let’s try to be more aware of our neighbors, family and friends and help them to heal their emotional injuries so they don’t have to turn to self medication to deaden the pain. Let’s reach out to others in need, at least through a moral support system, to help them cope, especially now in these stressful economic times. Let’s try to elect officials who will make a difference in our society where health care and the homeless and the poverty stricken are concerned. No one in the world should be starving right now and they are! Lots of them are! there is no excuse for this.

So…don’t let this death be alike all the other ones: Futile. Senseless. A waste. Do your part. Take a stand. Don’t waste resources and hammer your opinion home to whomever will listen. If enough of us scream…then someone is bound to hear. If we scream to the heavens, then maybe someone here on earth will listen. I think that’s what Michael jackson would want. In fact, I know he would…

Casey Anthony 4.0 ~ The New Face of Murder

Casey Anthony 4.0

Casey Anthony 4.0

Many of my friends, both in walking life and on Face Book and Twitter, have been asking me how I feel about this whole thing surrounding the Caylee Anthony Murder case.  I have been glued to this case since it all started nearly three years ago. I am stunned that this woman is apparently walking free, acquitted of all culpability concerning this murder. Everyone wants to know how this can possibly happen in our society today. How indeed…

I am asked many times: “Do you see Caylee? Where is she? How does she feel?” Spiritually, I see Caylee around her mom. I can see her in spirit, hovering around Casey every time I see an image of her on the television. Caylee doesn’t care about all of this hubbub surrounding the taking of her life. She loves her mom and has forgiven her long, long ago at the moment that it happened. Children in spirit are very compassionate and ultimately forgiving. Casey is her mom and always will be. And, while it’s easy for Caylee to forgive her mom, it is really hard for all of us here on the earth to follow her example. The hard thing for an adult to do is, in turn, an easy gesture for a child. Jesus said, “…be like a child.” Easier said than done sometimes. 

I feel that this whole event was planned by Caylee and Casey and their soul group. The only sense that I can make of it is that this thing has happened to teach the rest of us a lesson in forgiveness. And while this is the only sense I can make of it, I admit to having a hard time accepting it…which, ironically, is proof of the whole point of the lesson, I suppose.

Intuitively I believe that Casey killed her daughter and that her family tired to cover for her after the fact when they realized that their daughter had done something terrible to their beloved granddaughter. They, in denial, cannot process the fact that this woman, their daughter, could have possibly killed their Caylee in any way, shape or form. Denial in this instance is a balm in this situation. I feel intuitively that Casey killed her daughter for none of the reasons the prosecution said she did; she killed this child out of spite and hate, a statement she made to her brother Lee early on in her bedroom  the very night that Cindy called the police to get the answers and to find out the truth. I think that Cindy and George got the truth that they wanted and it was more than they had gambled on. They then scrambled to cover it up so as to save their daughter in an act of a parent’s unconditional love for their child, a trait that is sadly lacking in Casey, sorry to say.

Intuitively I believe that Casey drowned her baby in the pool on purpose. That’s why the ladder was up on the pool. Casey explored chloroform and neck breaking as possible options, but ultimately she used the very thing that Caylee loved to do to accomplish her demise.  The duct tape was put on the baby as a ruse to a kidnapping scenario, an artifact of a lie that disintegrated along with “Zanny the Nanny”. The only thing that George and Cindy are guilty of is spoiling Casey and then incurring her jealousy which manifested in the wrath that was the weapon of murder used against an innocent little girl…little Caylee Anthony.

The strangeness that we feel when we regard this whole sickening thing is the intuitive knowledge that there is something strange going on when you know this woman, who was responsible for the care and safety of her child, failed this child and got away with it. I can tell you that intuitively I see that this thing isn’t over. Not by a long shot. She will pay in some other way in the form of vindication from the public in various and sundry ways or another miss step in much the same way O.J. Simpson slipped up later on down the road. After all, you can take the girl out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the girl. As I type these words, there is already talk of other people – very much alive! – who are going after this woman for the effect that she has had and the damage she has wrought upon their lives. Every single victim of Casey Anthony 4.0 – you and me included – needs to come forward and make her pay for literally running them over while covering up the murder of her daughter.

The way the defense team partied after the verdict was a dance on Caylee’s grave. It sickened me, reminding me of an ancient scene when the social elite celebrate the death of an impoverished innocent that has died for simple entertainment. Then, to twist the knife, the defense team uses this little girl’s death to propagate their own political agendas by grandstanding their views on the death penalty at her expense. And, while my heart goes out to all victims in every way, shape and form, there is a place for everything and this was not the place or the time to use this child’s death for personal and political grandstanding. More than a few times it was made known that this defense worked pro bono and were underpaid. This may be true initially, but I find it hideous how these defense attorneys used this case to ultimately further their careers and agendas. They took a gamble and won. The proof is in their expressions when the verdict came down. If they were so righteous and pure of motive, they would not have been just as, if not moreso, surprised as we all were. The picture says a thousand words. Payment was made for their fame. It was paid for by Caylee Anthony when her mother took her life.

The jury, I feel, was overwhelmed and subconsciously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, which teaches us that facing a defendant face to face with the jury is a big mistake.  The jury was obviously resentful at having their summer imposed upon by being selected for this particular jury duty from another county that has nothing to do with them or their jurisdiction. I feel that justice should be rendered from the county of the offense and not “hired out” by persons indifferent and unknown. The prosecution, I feel, could have charged her differently so as to avoid her taking advantage of the Double Jeopardy scenario. In this regard our public officials failed us. They asked a lot from people who are not qualified to judge. Who wants to judge another human and then ask for them to put them to death? “Put someone to death for killing someone? How dare our already corrupt government put any American citizen to such a task?” they ask themselves. While not my sentiment, I feel this is the vibration surrounding this whole situation. What better way to flip off the government than to dish up a cold piece of humble pie sprinkled with the bones of a dead child? Instead of looking at the mountain of evidence looming in front of them, they myopically focused on what was not there evidence wise. Boggles the rational mind, but if you have an axe to grind, it isn’t so far fetched.

Our justice system, while the best, is just not good enough and this case is proof of that. There needs to be some revamping of the rules and the guidelines and a fairness re-instilled by putting the blindfold back on Lady Justice. The truth will surface. We just need to be patient and wait for the Fat Lady to sing.

James Ray Sweat Lodge Incident…

Even though the James Ray Sweat Lodge trial has been nudged from the spotlight by the Casey Anthony trial , it has not lost its place of importance in seriousness of the crime. And, even though this is not a cold case, I still have strong feelings about this case, as it touches the New Age community intimately.

Everyone is familiar with The Secret and all the attention and success it received when it first hit the scene. I must admit, I have never read the book or watched the movie, as when it took on such a cult following and rendered nearly everyone that came into contact with the concept comatose, seeminglyfloating along in a mindless trance of rapture. Even Oprah coind’t resist. This sort of thing just rubs me the wrong way and makes me very suspicious. Never being a “follower”, I have always marched to a different drummer. Mainstream fads and the fantastical is lost on me. Always a free thinker, I become suspicious of anything that gravitates towards joining, following, cliques, taking oaths and exclusivity. Must be a past life thing…but please excuse me. I digress.

James Arthur Ray

James Ray found guilty of negligent homicide...

When I first heard of this tragedy in Sedona, I could feel my heart sinking in my chest. Suddenly the Native American, Pagan, Wiccan and New Age communities were thrust under a microscope by the secular masses. Suddenly anything and everything these certain groups of people believed in and lived by was coming under scutiny because of the carelessness of one single man who got a little too full of himself and let the greed of fame and fortune get the better of him. Or was is? Is this a solitary incident? Is James Ray the only soul on the planet to let the “dark side” of his nature get the better of him and, letting it take over, use that very darkness to take advantage of innocent folks who’s only quest is to find enlightenment in the planet’s changing, evolving times?

I think not.

As I watched the days unfold around this event, it gave me pause to think on other similar events that happen on a smaller scale in my own life on a daily basis. I’m afraid it’s true. Not a day goes by where I don’t receive an email or a phone call from someone who has been told by a so-called psychic practitioner that they have a “curse” upon them, that they are “hexed”, that unless they cough up some ungodly amount of money – usually whistling to the tune of hundreds if not thousands of dollars – they will die, their children will die and their life will become a living hell, never to be recovered from in this lifetime. I am beginning to think that I should make a recording to make my job just a little easier: “There is no curse. There is no hex. You are not followed by demons. You are not doomed. Your children will not die. There is no boogy man out to get you. Beep.” These superstitious scare tactics perpetuated upon the seekersof Light in this world have my complete and undiliuted sympathies. I cannot imagine how I would feel if someone was able to convine me unequivocally that my life was doomed and that my only salvation was to empty my bank account (“What price do you put on the life of your child?”)  and to bow to them, put my faith in them and believe that if they burn this candle and say that chant on this night at that phase of the moon that they will save me?!


There is an apparent cycle going on with this sort of interaction between the different subcultures, belief systems and the mainstream secular masses. On one side there is the Mainstream, content in their complacency. These folks are fine as long as you don’t shake their tree. On the other side are the Seekers, searching for their truth in very unique and individual ways. These are folks of every belief, mode or religious bent, be it Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, New Age, Spiritualist, indigenous, what have you. It’s all good. That’s what our country was founded upon, the right to seek and find and worship the way one sees fit. And then in the middle we have what I call “The Players”. You know the type: they swindle and burn and take from unsuspecting people who believe in the good of man and the Light of the Divine that shines within. Only the Light in the Players is not what it seems,  used to trick and deceive, sad to say. And when they do their deed and then sneak off, a thief in the night, carrying with them whatever they can, be it someones hard earned money or simply their innocence and dignity. The tree is then rattled and the Mainstream rouses out of their slumber, half asleep, looking around shouting, “Who goes there? What’s going on?”, layingtheir eyes upon the only ones in the line of sight – the viable and the legitimate; the perpetrators long gone, no where in sight. It’s amusing to me, as this is the common story line in many stories, told over the millenia in every conceivable form be it chidren’s faerie tales, countless novels and possibly every TV drama ever aired.  Talk about living an archtype! The irony is not lost on me…

Being in a cookie cutter, mass production society hasn’t helped the situation. The paradox is that those who are trying to make a difference and break out of this old pattern of “being the same as everyone else at the speed of light” are left holding the bag when the darkness seeps through and make its mark. The same old question is left ringing in the ears from all camps. What do we do, as individuals and within our own communities to protect ourselves from spiritual fraud? I wish I could say that the answer is simple. But I think that remembering to use common sense is up there on the top of the list, as well as having patience and taking the time to explain and help others who are either misinformed, uneducated or not aware of the pitfalls of living in a society today that is in the midst of desperate times spiritually, morally, politically and financially, and it is probably going to get worse before it gets better. I will be glad when the charlatans get bored with playing psychic and go back to their day jobs whenever the become avaialbel again once the global economy gets back on its feet. But there is a light on the horizon and that light is within you. There are ways to stay on top of it all:

* Have an open but discerning mind. If your hinky meter begins to go off, or that little voice inside is telling you that something just isn’t right, then heed those inner insights when dealing with someone trying to manipulate you by fear and the negative.

* Get references or ask others how they feel or if they have had experience with a certain psychic or intuitive, especially if they are asking a fee.

* Remember, just because a psychic or intuitive charges a large amount of money does not mean they are better than someone who is more reasonably priced. And, while some intuitives don’t charge anything, it is not true that “realpsychics” don’t or can’t charge because of Karma or some unseen universal force commanding them not to. True and legitimate psychics and intuitives have bills to pay, too, and a need to keep the lights on.

* Scam artists will take advantage of the fact that people with issues or problems won’t take the time to check to see if a psychic service is legitimate or not. They take advantage of the “instant gratification” that a lot of folks are looking for these days. So, take some time to check out more than a few other services and compare.

* Sleep on it. Take your time. Chances are your problem can wait and will be there when you wake in the morning, or quite possibly will resolve itself or the answer become very apparent after a good nights sleep.

* Look for the Light. If it feels dark, scary or laden with talk of curses, hexes, demons and large dollar amounts then there is a high probability that you will be getting ripped off. Legitimate psychics, mediums and intitives work from a place of Light always, their mission to spread that light whenever and wherever possible.

* NEVER give money to any psychic or psychic medium who promises to remove a curse or spell that they “claim” has been put on you. Moreover, never give money to any psychic or psychic medium who asks you to “wire” a large sum of money to purchase a candle, crystal or any product that they say is going to remove a curse, a spell or bad luck. You are not cursed. There is no spell. They are merely using fear to manipulate you. 🙂

[For more info on this case, check out The Daily Beast and the CNN Justice In Session Blog.]

The Skelton Boys Case…

The Missing Skelton Boys

The Missing Skelton Boys...

For anyone who watches the news and pays particular attention to cases of missing kids, if only to be informed and to keep a look out for them no matter where they disappeared in relation to where we are located, this case will particularly stand out. For anyone who is not familiar with this case, you can get up to speed HERE.  

In a nutshell, a father, one John Skelton of Morenci, Michigan, took his three boys –  Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7, and Tanner Skelton, 5 – for Thanksgiving holiday 2010. Their mother, Tanya, expected them to be returned after the pre-arranged visit. This was not to come about. John Skelton never returned them. After Tanya alerted the authorities, it was discovered that John Skelton had “attempted” a suicide by hanging, and so passed the boys, he says, off to a third party so that they would not be exposed to the suicide of their father with instructions to return the boys to their mom. This third party consequently turns out not to even exist (shadows of the Caylee Anthony case…). Having fumbled the so-called suicide attempt, he is now in custody facing charges of kidnapping and contempt of court for not returning the kids. (I am of the mind that this so-called suicide attempt was a staged event to throw the authorities off of the boys and to gain attention by a sociopathic/psychopathic father). Tanya and her husband have been going through a divorce and custody battle over the kids since September of 2010, when he took the kids out of state to Florida. Their divorce was finalized February 2011.

The big question that is on the lips of everyone is: where are these precious boys?

Mr. Skelton has since revised his story, stating that he handed over the kids to a “private child protection agency” which he conveniently cannot remember the name of nor the names of the persons who allegedly took possession of his kids. His reason for passing the kids to strangers was for “their protection” from their mother, his soon-to-be ex-wife.  Subsequently, upon further investigation, it has been discovered that no such agency exists. Authorities, as of this writing, have now shifted this case to a murder investigation. John Skelton’s bond is set at $30 million. To this date, no word nor sighting of the boys has come forward from anywhere in the country. Their poor mother is devastated. My prayers go out to her and the families.

This case hits home because of the fact that this tragedy takes place in my home state of Michigan. What stands out is that it involves not one child but three. Three precious and innocent kids.

Immediately upon hearing of this case, I started the process of reaching out to see what sort of impressions I could receive on the kids. I had many questions. Where are they? Are they still with us in the living? Or have they transitioned on to the Other Side? If they were now deceased, how were they killed and where are their little bodies now? Gruesome stuff, I know. But the mother and grandmother chord in me had been resoundingly struck, the images and little voices of those little boys were echoing through the long halls of my psyche, trying to get my attention desperately. I couldn’t ignore it. So I began to prepare to dig a little deeper psychically.

Activity came immediately in the form of a dream the very night that I resolved to myself to dig deeper. I was visited by the three little boys. I was sitting in a huge old fashioned wing backed chair in an old house that I had never seen before. The chair was red and threadbare. The boys were huddled in a corner by the door behind me and the chair…hiding, shivering and scared. They were naked all except their little undies, once white but now dirty. Their sad and frightened little faces shown in the dim corner, pale moons of their former selves. The littlest one came up and climbed into my lap for comfort. I folded my arms around the poor little thing as he shivered. His little body was so cold. A deep and sudden saddness came over me and this is when I knew what had happened. The little guy clung to me for dear life and I tried to get the other two to come over for comfort but they just huddled there, staringback at me through hollow eyes.

I awoke suddenly, stunned.

Example of the old dirt road...

Example of the old dirt road...

Reaching out psychically, I asked Where are you, guys? Answers to my questions began to come. I could see in my mind an old dirt road surrounded by trees. I say “old” because this isn’t a newly developed area where there are new homes or a recently active spot of housing activity. The land and area ground surface is very sandy. This area is close to water or in a sandy geographic location indicitive to close proximity to water. The trees on the side of the road are mostly pine trees, with a few leafy trees here and there, but mostly those very tall pines that one sees out in the rural landscape of michigan. The boys are passed. And I see them buried or in water, but I am being nagged by the idea of a well or deep pit or other in-ground hiding spot for these boys. They don’t have on many clothes. And taking into consoderation the time of the year this event took place, the thought of them not having their coats or boots or any outer wear on is very disturbing to me. Manner of death is not clear to me, but I get a very disturbing feeling when regarding these little souls, and that is of extreme cold. I get the impression that he may have either tossed them into a cold body of water, or  left them to succumb to the elements. Terrible to think of, this feeling haunts me every single day right up to this present moment as I write this blog. Hence, I share it in an effort to help.

Law enforcement needs to look in a very rural remote area where there is a big long stand of pines, a sandy road and the possibility of some sort of old mill ponds, old wells where old homesteads stand abandoned or used to stand, sandy patches of vacant land where the ground would be soft that time of year and optimum for quick and secret burial without a lot of effort. I think if everyone in the Morenci and northern Ohio area close to John Skelton’s former residence would just check out all of their rural land, there may be answers out there. In the meantime, let’s hope that this monster decides to confess his crime and give the family and the souls of these little guys some closure and peace.

*UPDATE ~ 7-12-11:* Here is a link to the local Grand Rapids, Michigan News Channel WOOD-TV 8 where they have stepped up their activity where looking for these boys is concerned. Please check it out! And let’s keep them and their families close in prayer for healing, for closure and for finding these precious little guys! ~L.


*UPDATE ~ 7-20-11:* Keeping this case alive – dated May 11, 2011:

 Please! If you own property around the Morenci Michigan/Ohio area, please do a search of your property to make sure these boys are not there. If you have any tips or information, please contact you rlocal law enforcement agency. ~L.

 Watch this blog for updates as they become available…

The Caylee Anthony Case…

Caylee AnthonyBack in August of 2008, I took it upon myself to do a private and personal reading concerning the then missing Caylee Marie Anthony. At the time, way back when, I posted my findings and intuitive thoughts here, on WordPress, but since then many updates and back up attenpts later, that information has been lost to the Ether of cyberspace (but I am still searching for that back up as we speak and will post it here should I locate it. Until then, you only have my word on what I am about to relate, so feel free to take or leave what I have to share  here at this time). Now that this case has captured the attention of the nation and the world, I feel compelled to share my feelings and findings here in my blog. This is the first of many cases, some cold – some not, to come. Launching this category with the Caylee Anthony case, I feel, is appropriate and a special tribute to a special little girl, one tiny victim among many where this case, and others, is concerned.

Going back to late summer of 2008, the whole world was scratching their heads over the fact that a loving mother, in this case one Casey Anthony, would delay or even hide the disappearence of her darling little girl. Made no sense then and makes no sense now. No matter how you look at it, the only reason a person would hide the demise of another human being – especially an innocent -could be nothing other than because of nefariousness shadowed by guilt. But the world for the most part gave this woman the benifit of the doubt. Fair enough. The United States is unique in that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but those legal gears can turn mightily slow. That’s the price we pay for justice, I suppose.

But, in the meantime, as I watched the news and waited for anwsers once upon a time, there was my trusty tarot deck…sitting their on my desk…staring at me. Taunting me. Telling me that the answers were to be had if only I had the guts and the gumption to tap in. I fought the urge. The cards won.

As is normal for my way of accessing the realms of Spirit for answers, I already was receiving messages and information about the case. I could feel the little girl clamouring for attention from the other side. She longed for someone to look closer and longer in more spiritual ways. I knew the images of the cards would help me to connect and find deeper answers and so as I shuffled the deck, I prepared for what I was about to know, come what may. These are the cards that showed themselves after much serious thought, prayer and preparation:

* VII. The Chariot * II. Two of Cups * IX. Nine of Wands *

Little did I realize at the time, nor would come to full realization, until December 11, 2008, when little Caylee would be found, the implications of this reading. What I could see from this little reading for a precious little girl is that Caylee, portrayed in the Nine of Wands, was a victim in this case, abused and neglected and thrown away in the woods. Note the “bandage” (duct tape?) wrapped around the head. She has put up a fight and lost. She was incredulous and disappointed and hurt by her killer. Her body was hidden in the woods and there it was there that she waited to be found.

The Two of Cups told me that the reason for this horrific crime was passion and a longing for two people to be together – just two – any two? – away from the home of the child or the protection of her family. The caduceus told me at the time that there was some sort of medical association to the whole scenario. Looking back now, I have to conceed that the medical use of cloroform to sedate the child would to come into play. The heavenly presence of Ariel, the red winged Lion of God injected an element of bravery into the scene – bravery for everyone: for Casey to pull it off, for Caylee and her little soul, for the family and all the implications and for us – the people of the world – to come to grips with the fact that their are monsters among us sometimes clothed in the bodies of seductive people who are not who they appear to be. This image also told me that there was no regard for this little victim, and that there was a singleness of purpose, or drive, if you will, propelling Casey into a land of self interest, sociopathinc and self absorbed concentration. No matter the details of how it happened, once Caylee was out of the picture, the woman and man were free to concentrate upon themselves with no distractions.

Finally, The Chariot showed me that there was a fight a brewin’ and that to find justice for this little girl everyone would have to pitch in and help in one way or another…some with prayer, some with resources, some with faith and some with the belief that the little girl would be found and answers would be given. This would be a long, hard fight, as is being proven today. The Chariot showed me then as it does now that this whole event was set in motion from the time Caylee’s mother was born. While astrology is not my forte, * HERE *  is a link to a WordPress blog that explored this aspect of Casey Anthony’s personallity and her astrological profile. The Chariot also told me that if those involved closel,y and some not so closely, could be ferrited out through esoteric means and seeking answers in unconventional places; that there would be a long search and fight for answers and justice in this particular case. Little did we know then just how hard and long that fight would be.

I still have my own thoughts on this case that others don’t seem to cinsider, one being that there was another person involved and it is not her father, George. There is a third party that Casey is protecting or that no one else even knows about to this day. Not Roy Kronk. Not Georpge Anthony or anyone else in her family. Who this person is, I have no clue to this day. The information is elusive to me. If I get any further impressions on this I will post it here first. But until then, it appears that justice is finally being served for a sweet little girl who didn’t deserve to be neglected and killed in such a horrific way. Suffice it to say the whole truth may never be known. But, like passing a terrible accident that we just cannot look away from, we will continue to watch as Lady Justice works her magic on this case and a little girl gets some closure. My hopes and prayers are with Caylee, her vindication and the justice that she deserves.

Stay tuned…