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Autumn Memories…

Posted on 11/2/2011 at 8:36:44 PM

Autumn MemoriesWhen the days get shorter and the temperature cools, the leaves begin to turn and the world begins to change. This is when the summer ends and the fall brings nostalgia for bonfires, football games and huge piles of leaves to jump on and hide within. The animals of the land become more active as do the children of the earth, both large and small, young and older, everyone joining into the autumn time of year. Sweaters and socks, hoodies and boots…all wrap us in cozy comfort, the smell of the wind an invisible cloud of freshness surrounding everyone who ventures out in it and a signature of their journey to the out of doors. And that is my most favourite part…the smell of autumn, the sound of the wind in the whispering trees as they dance and sway with the passing clouds above. I love fall…

Is it any coincidence that during this time of year the veil between this world and the next stretches thin and thinner, enabling souls both living and deceased to communicate with a crystal clarity that is rarely seen at any other time of the year? What is it about the earth’s journey from here to there that enables the conditions to be so right…so perfect…for the slightest change in fibrational pitch which clears the way for contact? It has always puzzled me. I adore the communion and encourage everyone, on this side and the next, to watch for the signs, encourage the connection and to rejoice our good fortune. The energy it takes for those living in the spiritual dimension to reach out and really touch us is unfathomable, but somehow they manage. Drawing energy from other sources is one way to get around the energy barrier. Another is through prayer, belief and good old fashioned faith…belief that our loved ones are not gone but merely transitioned, faith that we are all worthy of their efforts, and the energy of prayer that is proven to lift even the heaviest of hearts and most down trodden of souls…lifting them…healing them…making us one in the spirit of life.

This November and all the way through the Holiday season and beyond, remember your Dearly Departed Loved Ones and know that they are thinking of you too. They have not left us, but have just gone into another room. Think of them in the same old way and talk to them as you always have. Nothing has changed. They are still with us…in every way, every day…


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