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Animals in Spirit…

Posted on 4/9/2013 at 10:10:19 PM

Angel KittyMany folks come to me and ask if their pets have gone to heaven and are waiting for them on the other side.

The answer is a resounding YES! It may be surprising for most to discover that a great many if not nearly all of my clients who are pet owners have the energy of their pets surrounding them, whether the dear one is with them on this plane or have transitioned on to the Other Side.  We carry the love of our four-leggeds with us everywhere and at all times. They are a part of who we are and complete us just as our children do, but in a little bit of a different way. Whether it is a person, a child or a beloved animal that we love and cherish, the love that we share each unto the other leaves an imprint upon our souls that never leaves us and is always there with us no matter which dimension we reside in. The bond of love is just that strong. And it is a very, very good thing.

The very first spiritual entity that I came into contact with was when I was the age of five. It was that of a little bird who had drowned in a bucket of water. While his body was floating upon the water, the apparition of his spirit was perched upon the side of the pail, singing and free. The appearance of this very first little spirit opened the door for a lifetime of spirit communication for me where spirits of other animals, humans, guides and angels all passed through to share with me the wonders of their realm. Little did I realize at the time that when I would experience my own brief journey to the Other Side my experiences with spirit would be of a great help for me in understanding the significance of the event, helping to propel me onto a path of spiritual healing for myself as well as others who happen to cross my path…both two-legged and four. It was that tiny little bird spirit that had such an impact upon me and at  such a young and tender age. That one little spirit changed my life almost before it had begun. That is the wonder of the spirit realms. That is as it should be.

Humans and animals make this journey initially in much the same way. But once they make the crossing, things are a little different for the two energies in that there is a specific style difference in which humans and animals experience when they first transition to the realms beyond, mainly in the way that they acclimate with their new surroundings once they transition. While people take a little bit of time getting used to their new surroundings, animals are not concerned with their new “digs” as they are already existing on a more natural state of light vibration before and after transition. They are unfettered by the switch, unconcerned by their state of spirit and have a tendency to return to us much quicker than a human spirit might. They just want to be by our side, comforting us and loving us just as much if not more than when they walked upon this plane of existence with us. They pay no mind to the change. They walk with us and lick our hand or rub our legs just as they always did. It is up to us to open our hearts to the fact that they are truly there, that they still walk with us from day to day, and that they never really leave our sides. They hold a place of sentinel at the door between here and there, waiting to greet us and aid us in our own personal transitioning.  In the meantime, however, they walk with us, keep an eye on us and are their to help us now just as they did then. Until we meet up with them again…we must lift them up in love and faith. Until then…know that they walk with us every single day…


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