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Ever since I was a little girl unusual things would come about in my life. It wasn’t until a little later on did I realize that other people didn’t experience life in quite the same way as I did. Not until I was around the age of 14 did I begin to understand just how unique my differences were in the grand scheme of things, when a brightly coloured deck of cards at a local gift shop caught my eye. Actually, they did more than that. They practically screamed at me from  across the room to “take me home!” And that is precisely what I did. From that moment on, my life changed as I ventured out on a journey that would see me through some of the brightest and darkest days of my life so far. Oh how the last 40 plus years have flown! Now on to the next! 😉

Here is where I wish to share with whoever wants to know the life of a Sleeping Gypsy, a living archetype of the Strength card, a wanderer on the planet who uses her mystical and metaphysical skills to help others achieve a long and lasting peace to their lives. I wish to share the gifts that I have discovered and honed over the years for the betterment of my fellow travellers in this vast Universe, each a soul partner in this lifetime, both Major and Minor. I welcome all questions, comments and advice.

Please come and wander with me awhile…

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