Wildwood Tarot & Game of Thrones…


King of Stones ~ Wildwood Tarot

King of Stones ~ Wildwood Tarot

Forest life mirrors real life and then transforms into a beautiful and enchanting story that mirrors an archetype that takes us back to more simpler times. When I first saw the Wildwood Tarot, I immediately thought about the new HBO series “Game of Thrones“, a story brought to cinematic life from a book series called “A Story of Fire and Ice” by George R.R. Martin. From the first airing I was hooked, just as the Wildwood Tarot pulled me into another world of nature and the wild where the roots of our planet are borne, so did this mesmerizing story of life and struggle in a place no one has ever been before.

The Wheel of Life and the turn of the seasons sits at the heart and soul of who we are and of the true nature of our planet, Mother Earth. The Wheel turns very slowly in Winterfell where the heart of the story of Fire and Ice takes place, deep in the woods where the outside world seems ffar removed from life in a way that seems to be threatened by the ambition and greed of the other entities of power within the realm and the surrounding lands…much as it is in our society today in many countries and principalities around the globe. The similarities between Winterfell and Sherwood are not lost to me, with their magnificent trees and the resident’s respect for nature touching my soul in very deep and primal ways even today in this, the modern world. We all long for a more natural time where things were simpler, cleaner with the spirit of the earth more accessible and woven within our daily lives. Nowadays, one has to put forth a bit more effort into getting out and around the natural world outside. It is a scientifically proven fact that this separation from nature has a detrimental effect upon the human body and psyche. I feel this is why many people are drawn to stories of an Arthurian theme, in my thinking a good thing! Keeping the spirit alive and letting us set our minds on the Old Ways where our roots are deep and still viable challenges the mind and keeps us healthy in many diverse ways. This connection between the Old Path and the Old Ways is instilled within from the beginning of time, and will always be a part of who we are as a people.  While the wheel in the story Game of Thrones turns ever so slowly, the way of life in real life society pushes us all to live and go faster and faster on it’s modern Merry-Go-Round wheel. As long as the legends of Arthur and the Old Days of the Wood are kept alive, I feel that we all have hope and the chance to keep the those ways alive and well as we march onward into the 21st century and beyond onto the unknown path of life.

The Journey ~ Wildwood Tarot

The Journey ~ Wildwood Tarot

The Wildwood Tarot is a tangible tool to help remind us of the wheels that turn in our lives and how things change from season to season and just how mutable everything in our world really is. The interesting thing about the World of Winterfell when placed next to the times of our modern times and the Wildwood Tarot  is the paradox that forms and fold back onto itself, mirroring one and the other in ironic and unusual ways. In the Land of Fire and Ice, there is a magic of dragons that has died back  and lay dormant for many long seasons. The innocence of a girl child gives rise to this ancient magic and the vision of a young boy for the future of his world balance each other beautifully. In our modern day world much of the same thing has happened: the creators of “A Story of Fire and Ice”, George R.R. Martin, and the “Wildwood Tarot”, John Matthews and Mark Ryan, are those same brilliant children who reawaken that spark of the Old Ways that jump starts the turning of the Wheel, rekindling the connection with our archetypal origins. Like the “Fool’s Journey”,  our lives and the very motion of the Universe hinges upon circles, orbits, turning and cycles – everything moves through the paths of the seasons. The turning of the Wheel of Life is a reflection of our lives. And, while the Game of Thrones tells the dire story of man’s dark nature while Wildwood Tarot looks at life in a brighter light, we can take the messages of both worlds and meld them into our world today. Our World and our Wheel…one and the same…ours to command…

Casey Anthony 4.0 ~ The New Face of Murder

Casey Anthony 4.0

Casey Anthony 4.0

Many of my friends, both in walking life and on Face Book and Twitter, have been asking me how I feel about this whole thing surrounding the Caylee Anthony Murder case.  I have been glued to this case since it all started nearly three years ago. I am stunned that this woman is apparently walking free, acquitted of all culpability concerning this murder. Everyone wants to know how this can possibly happen in our society today. How indeed…

I am asked many times: “Do you see Caylee? Where is she? How does she feel?” Spiritually, I see Caylee around her mom. I can see her in spirit, hovering around Casey every time I see an image of her on the television. Caylee doesn’t care about all of this hubbub surrounding the taking of her life. She loves her mom and has forgiven her long, long ago at the moment that it happened. Children in spirit are very compassionate and ultimately forgiving. Casey is her mom and always will be. And, while it’s easy for Caylee to forgive her mom, it is really hard for all of us here on the earth to follow her example. The hard thing for an adult to do is, in turn, an easy gesture for a child. Jesus said, “…be like a child.” Easier said than done sometimes. 

I feel that this whole event was planned by Caylee and Casey and their soul group. The only sense that I can make of it is that this thing has happened to teach the rest of us a lesson in forgiveness. And while this is the only sense I can make of it, I admit to having a hard time accepting it…which, ironically, is proof of the whole point of the lesson, I suppose.

Intuitively I believe that Casey killed her daughter and that her family tired to cover for her after the fact when they realized that their daughter had done something terrible to their beloved granddaughter. They, in denial, cannot process the fact that this woman, their daughter, could have possibly killed their Caylee in any way, shape or form. Denial in this instance is a balm in this situation. I feel intuitively that Casey killed her daughter for none of the reasons the prosecution said she did; she killed this child out of spite and hate, a statement she made to her brother Lee early on in her bedroom  the very night that Cindy called the police to get the answers and to find out the truth. I think that Cindy and George got the truth that they wanted and it was more than they had gambled on. They then scrambled to cover it up so as to save their daughter in an act of a parent’s unconditional love for their child, a trait that is sadly lacking in Casey, sorry to say.

Intuitively I believe that Casey drowned her baby in the pool on purpose. That’s why the ladder was up on the pool. Casey explored chloroform and neck breaking as possible options, but ultimately she used the very thing that Caylee loved to do to accomplish her demise.  The duct tape was put on the baby as a ruse to a kidnapping scenario, an artifact of a lie that disintegrated along with “Zanny the Nanny”. The only thing that George and Cindy are guilty of is spoiling Casey and then incurring her jealousy which manifested in the wrath that was the weapon of murder used against an innocent little girl…little Caylee Anthony.

The strangeness that we feel when we regard this whole sickening thing is the intuitive knowledge that there is something strange going on when you know this woman, who was responsible for the care and safety of her child, failed this child and got away with it. I can tell you that intuitively I see that this thing isn’t over. Not by a long shot. She will pay in some other way in the form of vindication from the public in various and sundry ways or another miss step in much the same way O.J. Simpson slipped up later on down the road. After all, you can take the girl out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the girl. As I type these words, there is already talk of other people – very much alive! – who are going after this woman for the effect that she has had and the damage she has wrought upon their lives. Every single victim of Casey Anthony 4.0 – you and me included – needs to come forward and make her pay for literally running them over while covering up the murder of her daughter.

The way the defense team partied after the verdict was a dance on Caylee’s grave. It sickened me, reminding me of an ancient scene when the social elite celebrate the death of an impoverished innocent that has died for simple entertainment. Then, to twist the knife, the defense team uses this little girl’s death to propagate their own political agendas by grandstanding their views on the death penalty at her expense. And, while my heart goes out to all victims in every way, shape and form, there is a place for everything and this was not the place or the time to use this child’s death for personal and political grandstanding. More than a few times it was made known that this defense worked pro bono and were underpaid. This may be true initially, but I find it hideous how these defense attorneys used this case to ultimately further their careers and agendas. They took a gamble and won. The proof is in their expressions when the verdict came down. If they were so righteous and pure of motive, they would not have been just as, if not moreso, surprised as we all were. The picture says a thousand words. Payment was made for their fame. It was paid for by Caylee Anthony when her mother took her life.

The jury, I feel, was overwhelmed and subconsciously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, which teaches us that facing a defendant face to face with the jury is a big mistake.  The jury was obviously resentful at having their summer imposed upon by being selected for this particular jury duty from another county that has nothing to do with them or their jurisdiction. I feel that justice should be rendered from the county of the offense and not “hired out” by persons indifferent and unknown. The prosecution, I feel, could have charged her differently so as to avoid her taking advantage of the Double Jeopardy scenario. In this regard our public officials failed us. They asked a lot from people who are not qualified to judge. Who wants to judge another human and then ask for them to put them to death? “Put someone to death for killing someone? How dare our already corrupt government put any American citizen to such a task?” they ask themselves. While not my sentiment, I feel this is the vibration surrounding this whole situation. What better way to flip off the government than to dish up a cold piece of humble pie sprinkled with the bones of a dead child? Instead of looking at the mountain of evidence looming in front of them, they myopically focused on what was not there evidence wise. Boggles the rational mind, but if you have an axe to grind, it isn’t so far fetched.

Our justice system, while the best, is just not good enough and this case is proof of that. There needs to be some revamping of the rules and the guidelines and a fairness re-instilled by putting the blindfold back on Lady Justice. The truth will surface. We just need to be patient and wait for the Fat Lady to sing.